Dog the Bounty Hunter Thrills Fans in Kansas


Photo courtesy of Jason Flores

Photo courtesy of Jason Flores

It was all over Facebook Tuesday leading to a large crowd forming in front of Barb’s Bail Bonds in the 100 block of West 5th in Hutchinson. The fans were hoping to get a glimpse of Dog when he arrived in his bus.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was in town filming at the Hutchinson bonding company for his new CMT series called “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt.”

According to the CMT website, Dog and Beth leave Hawaii to support and advise fellow bondsmen and bounty hunters across the country as they hunt down some of America’s most dangerous criminals.

Barbara Galloway says she met the Dog at a national bonding organization convention in Las Vegas, and its was then that the talk of him coming to Hutchinson started. She says they kept it hush-hush as along as they could, then it got out Tuesday that he was coming and the crowds were there all afternoon and into the evening. A film crew came ahead of Dog and Beth and did interviews according to Galloway.

Hundreds gathered near the Barb’s Bail Bonds building where he was to arrive as well as across the street and traffic was a nightmare. We were told that Dog comes with his own security.

The film crews that had started filming earlier got the crowd wound up ahead of his arrival which didn’t happen till around 6:40 p-m. It then took another 10-minutes or so for him to leave his bus and enter immediately into the building.

The cheers from the crowd as the bus arrived were so loud, you could hear it for blocks around, including at the Eagle Media Center at 9th & Main.

Galloway says once word got out that he was coming, Papa Johns Pizza delivered pizza for her and her staff and told them if they needed anything else.