Students Honored at Hays High Awards Monday Night

At Monday night’s Hays High School Athletic and Academic Awards, Adam Deterding, Cade Sharp and Taylor Herman received the most outstanding athlete award. Additional details on the athletic awards can be found in the Hays Post sports section.

Among the academic award winners were 15 students who were presented $500 scholarships from the Academic  Booster club. They are Katelyn Schumacher, Shea  Briggs, Courtney Storer, Spencer Greathouse, Delphine Burns, Courtney Hess, Preston Ryan, Anna Shippy, Mikayla Linn, Kellen Griffin, Conner Hess, Anna Hickert, Arib Straub, Sydney Niernberger, and Jenna Ball.  (photos courtesy of Hays High)

  • Deb

    Did anyone notice not even 1 USD 489 board member was in attendance last night? That speaks volumes. Something’s up.

  • too much corporate power

    The something that’s up is the board’s apparent contempt for HHS. Greg Schwartz’s & his buddies’ dislike for HHS is obvious. They’re determined to nix the kids’ laptops. Roth thinks the HHS teachers are lazy so he’s set on taking away half of their planning time and increasing class sizes. They must hate that HHS test scores are at the top of 5A public schools.

    There are two four-letter reasons so many strong HHS teachers are leaving this year: Greg and Roth.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I love the whine…lets rotate them out and bring in those interesting in working. As I have stated before USD 489 needs an overhaul. It will take several years, but the top admins at the board office need to dust the cob webs off their slacks/skirts and retire or be fired! Three or four of the principals are over their heads…probably weren’t even good teachers. Teachers… there are good ones, but many are lazy! Clean out the school district…and what is with these contracts? I worked in the private sector for many years and never once had a contract. I had to prove myself everyday on the job.

    • GHJ

      Let’s hope our kids are better educated then this idiot!