Tiger, Mountain Lions Seized From Kansas Property

ATCHINSON, Kan. (AP) — A northeast Kansas man is in custody after a menagerie of wild cats was seized from private property in northeast Kansas.

Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie says one tiger, two cougars, three bobcats, two lynx, one serval and two skunks were taken Sunday from land belonging to a relative of the suspect. Laurie says the animals were living in inadequate enclosures and were infrequently fed.

Staff with the Humane Society of the United States and the Kansas City Zoo helped sedate and move the animals. They’ve been taken to animal sanctuaries in Texas, Florida and Kansas.

Laurie says the owner became combative during the seizure and was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. He was arrested on suspicion of multiple charges, including interference with law enforcement and disorderly conduct.

  • hmmmm

    the should have fed him to the cats, they were under fed, and he was an idiot seems like a good solution to me.


    • http://hasyspost RD

      Would you want to deal with big cats after they had eaten a meth head?

      • hmmmm

        True I never thought of it that way. :)