Police: Computer Theft Under Investigation

500 block of Halladay, Hays KSHays Police are investigating a report of computer theft.

According to Hays Police Lt. Ron Rounkles, “The theft of two lap top computers was from an apartment in the 500 block of Halladay.

The theft occurred earlier that evening (Saturday) and the case is still under investigation, but the lap tops were stolen out of an apartment in that area.  There were no other burglary/theft reports in this area or during this time frame.”

Stay tuned to Eagle Radio, Eagle Community Television and check Hays Post for more information as it becomes available.





  • Hays

    Could this have been more poorly written?

    • a

      Challenge accepted.
      Police: Computer Theft Under Investigation
      Hays Police are investigating the weekend theft of 2 computers.

      Thats way worse.