Stoneking: Kansas Gun Rights Supporters are “All In”

Patricia Stoneking, President of the Kansas State Rifle Association

Patricia Stoneking, President of the Kansas State Rifle Association

(AP) – The head of the Kansas State Rifle Association says gun rights supporters in Kansas are “all in” for a new state law that seeks to block federal regulation of some guns.

She’s reacting to the news that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has told Governor Sam Brownback the new law is unconstitutional and the federal government is willing to go to court over it.

Kansas State Rifle Association President Patricia Stoneking says gun rights supporters have been prepared for such a response from President Barack Obama’s administration. And she says “the people of Kansas are going to back this up.”

The Kansas law is modeled on a 2009 Montana law that is being reviewed by a federal appeals court, and Alaska lawmakers approved a similar measure last month. Alabama, Missouri and Oklahoma lawmakers are considering similar legislation.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Love the battles the federal government chooses to fight with our tax dollars.

  • torrie

    Kansas riffle association should not assume they speak for everyone in the state of Kansas.

    • Chris

      Exactly. Her statement of “the people of Kansas are going to back this up” is very annoying. A much more appropriate statement would have been “the rednecks of Kansas are going to back this up.”

    • aaa

      Sb 102 passed with wide margins, nearly everybody supported it. Did you not call your reps to say not to?

  • Why??

    I think her statement is pretty accurate, as there are more people that support her than not .
    You liberals need to accept that.

  • wesker72

    “rednecks of Kansas”? Love the name calling, always appropriate when someone does not have a good argument. KRA probably does speak for a large majority of Kansans when it comes to gun control, it is all about location I guess.

    • gun supporter

      thats a typical liberal tactic, try to show their “superior intellect” by calling names. really amounts to bullying in my view

      • Chris

        I don’t see how ‘redneck’ is any different than ‘liberal.’

  • Jr.

    Let the citizens for the state of Kansas vote for it.

  • Gun owning “redneck”

    Its typical of liberals to resort to name calling and making false accusations against those who dont follow their BS line of thought.
    Chris, if you dont know the difference between redneck & liberal- a redneck has common sense, values, and morals.
    Liberals on the other hand are only intersted in what handouts they can get, supporting the advance of socialism, gay rights, welfare abuse, and the general decay of americal.
    If this is to your liking, get in your Prius and go back to Johnson County and hug a tree.

    • Chris

      My, my, aren’t we just a little hypocritical. You say “liberals resort to name calling and false accusations.” Then go on to say liberals support such things as the “decay of america and handouts.”

      Seems like I need to clarify the comment for you, Mr. Gun-owning redneck. Previous posters said that liberals result to name-calling. I was only asking what is the difference between calling someone a redneck, and calling someone a liberal? Both words are spoken with disdain based on the viewpoints of the poster. So, I was wondering why you believe it is wrong to call some one a redneck, but perfectly ok to call someone a liberal, especially with YOUR definition of a liberal.

      And you also go on to say that a redneck has common sense—your post seems to lack much of that.