Routine Traffic Stop Turns Deadly (video) Caution Extreme Violence

A routine traffic stop in Middlefield, Ohio turns deadly.  The video taken from the police car was released Friday night. During the traffic stop (at :51 of the video)  James Gilkerson opened fire on the police car with an AK-47 rifle. The two officers returned fire killing the suspect. The officers recovered from injuries suffered during the gun battle.

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  • really

    And y’all thought this needed posted on here why???
    We all know this violence happens, why do you think we want to watch it?
    Not impressed Hays Post.

    • Hays Post

      There are many options for you on Hays Post. We post items for an audience with a wide variety of interests.

    • torrie

      they post it for all the idiots that think we still need more guns…..

      • aaa

        Yes if the police did not have guns I’m sure they would have survived this one

    • http://hayspost.com american

      To show us if you are worried that you have to live by the gun, that you die by the gun. This guy probably a law abiding citizen , until he snapped, I guess he didn’t want to be told that his brake light was out?

  • Uncle Thomas

    Thank you HaysPost for a dose of reality! Unfortunately all the goodie goodie’s in the world can not handle it and prefer to live in a sheltered world.

    • TD

      Amen Uncle Thomas, amen.

  • aaa

    What happened to only needing one round to defend yourself? Such a easy clear shot!

    • Uncle Thomas

      “Such a easy clear shot!”…have you ever had someone open fire on you at close range? Adrenaline rush, bullets flying by, glass breaking,…your partner being hit. I would unload my firearm on the SOB and then some!

      • http://hayspost.com american

        Thanks, you just made a good point that conceal and carry people will probably not save the day when they have to pull gun their gun out

        • TD

          You are so right, better to be unarmed and not stand a chance at all…right? Wait that makes no sense!

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