Couture-Lovelady Shares Letter Brownback Sent Attorney General on New Kansas Gun Law

Travis Couture-LoveladyOn Thursday we learned that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback that a new state law attempting to block federal regulation of some guns is unconstitutional.

The law says the federal government has no authority to regulate guns manufactured, sold and kept only in Kansas and makes it a felony for a federal agent to enforce any regulations of those guns.

Holder said the U.S. Constitution prohibits the state from pre-empting federal laws. He said the federal government is willing to go to court.


On his Face Book page, 110th State Representative Travis Couture-Lovelady shared the letter Governor Brownback sent on Thursday to Attorney General Holder.


May 2, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder

Office of the Attorney General

Washington, DC 20530


Dear Attorney General Holder:


            The State of Kansas is in receipt of your letter in which you place Kansas on notice regarding the view of the Obama Administration concerning the state’s Second Amendment Protection Act.  


 The right to keep and bear arms is a right that Kansans hold dear.  It is a right enshrined not only in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,but also protected by the Kansas Bill of Rights.  The people of Kansas have repeatedly and overwhelmingly reaffirmed their commitment to protecting this fundamental right.  The people of Kansas are likewise committed to defending the sovereignty of the State of Kansas as guaranteed in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.  


The state’s Second Amendment Protection Act, which expressly restates our commitment to these rights, was approved by wide, bi-partisan margins in the Kansas Legislature. The measure was adopted by a vote of 35 to 4 in the Kansas Senate with the Democrat Senate Minority Leader supporting the bill.  The measure was adopted by a vote of 96 to 24in the Kansas House of Representatives. Again, the Democrat House Minority Leader voted for the bill.  This is not a partisan issue in Kansas.  


The people of Kansas have clearly expressed their sovereign will. It is my hope that upon further review, you will see their right to do so.




Sam Brownback


  • Thank you

    Thank you Governor for standing up for the people of Kansas and for protecting our rights.

    • http://hayspost american

      Thank you brownback for making kansas look like a bunch of backwoods hillbillys. Browna$$ knows it won’t stand up in federal court ,why else would he have to send the letter ? just a worthless bully throwing the first rock ,hopeing Holder would give up . your own state attory general says it won’t sand . but he is suppose to fight it any way , which may cost your cry babies another $5,000,000.00 in taxes . thank god i can sleep at night without a gun under my pillow, and yes i own guns

      • Matt

        You could always move…

        • american

          typical right wing answer , how about you leave, move to some fantasy land , far away


        Actually this will hold up in court. Please study some basic Constitutional Law before you open your mouth and make yourself look foolish.

        • Frank

          You sound like a Constitution expert, which law school did you attend?

        • Coincidence?

          The Feds will try to bully us into caving in, and when they see we won’t cow down to them they’ll try another state. Personally, if they’re stupid enough to actually try a grab, I hope Holder leads the charge.
          MOLAN LABE!

  • taxed to death

    Federal Law trumps any State or Local law, been that way since the Country was founded. Brownback knew it is absolutely unconstitutional when he signed it, that is why the State funded a Legal Defense Fund that will simply be money throw away because of a totally ignorant Governor and his ignorant Legislate Trolls lack of knowledge of Constitutional Law and having no common sense.

    • Not Really

      That is actually not true, States have certian rights provided them in the Constitution as in some areas are specifically left up to the States to regulate, even though the Feds keep trying to grab more power does not make it Constitutional.
      You don’t have to have a Law degree to read and understand the Constitution.

  • walker

    If they are raising a fit about states aposing federal gun laws, what about colorado and washington legalizing marijuana? There are Federal laws against that. Yet still they are letting them do that, then if you argue that it hasnt been finalized yet, what about the states that allow medicinal use, its still breaking federal law and yet the feds have not cracked down on them.

    • http://hayspost american

      I was born here, you can always have an accident with your pee shooter

      • http://hayspost american

        This was for matt,not walker