Letter to the Post. Backing the May 14 Bond Issue

I was skeptical when the local politicians wanted to spend over 14 million dollars of taxpayer money, BUT I am always skeptical anytime politicians want to spend even a dime of our money.  I am probably the last person to support politicians spending money that they don’t need to spend. 
I try to get all the facts before I make any decision.  So I contacted Ellis County Sheriff Ed Harbin.  Sheriff Harbin is a straight shooter.  He tells it like it is.  He has earned a well deserved reputation of being a highly successful lawman.  Ed Harpin is NOT a politician, he is a professional.  Sheriff Harbin gave me the tour of the jail.
In my 50 years in the work environment, I have TOURED  approximately 500 facilities of all kinds from large manufacturing facilities, small manufacturing facilities, small to large office complexes, small to large medical facilities, educational facilities, and military facilities.  My experience was as a management consultant.
Sheriff Harbin and the people of Ellis County need to improve the jail facilities.  And the EMS need more space.  On April 9th at the Big First Tea Party meeting I publicity stated that I SUPPORT  the May 14 bond issue that is so desperately needed.  Every Tea Party member and every conservative I have spoken with supports making the necessary improvements.
 Roger Ewing           .
  • http://hayspost.com Seperate

    Its not the need to these projects…..Its the Price!!
    They should of seperated the Jail from the EMS/FIRE station.

  • http://hayspost.com Uncle Thomas

    Does anybody care what you support?