Sound OFF: Morning After Pill Now Available Over the Counter for 15 Year Olds

Plan B One StepGirls as young as 15 will now be able to buy the morning after pill without a prescription. The FDA has approved over the counter sales for the pill known as Plan B.  Good idea?  What do you think?  Tell us in the comments section below

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  • Herrman

    This is our government. Thanks Obama. 15 year olds?

    • Chris

      Its Obama’s fault that 15 year olds are having sex?

      • Herrman

        It is Obamma’s FDA is it not? We are killing more babies and ruining lives.

        • Free Thinker

          I guess it’s better to just give a kid up for adoption when they are 6 right?

        • Hays

          Last I knew, Obama was just a president elected by the people and had no direct ownership in the FDA. Where do you get your information? And I’ve got news for you, 15-year-olds were getting this pill long before Obama was elected to office. I’m not saying I agree with this decision by the FDA; actually I completely oppose it. But you still need to have your facts straight.

    • Free Thinker

      In no way does this have anything to do with the president. Don’t be mad just because they didn’t have this option when you were running around the county having your fun…

  • inkslinger

    i really think that its the up-bringing of the child, the parent interaction,and teaching the child about morals, that is to blame why 15 year old are having sex. but I love this blame game that you people are doing. i find it really funny how people will not take blame for the up-bringing of their children.

    plus 15 year old children have been having sex longer than Obama has been alive, sooooooooooo i guess its up to the raising of the child again.

    how many of you lost your virginity at the age of 15?

    • Lost it

      I lost mine when I was 10. BOOM!

  • http://hasyspost RD

    15 year old’s may have had a second thought about having sex, but now have no worries about getting pregnant. The problem is that the ones who should take the morning after pill will not do it and we end up taking care of more welfare babies.
    It never ceases to amaze me with all of the stupid decisions coming from our government.
    Washington is full of idiot politicians, I really feel bad for all of the people 75 years old and older that are seeing what our great nation has become.
    This age group fought for many of the freedoms that we have today and watched their family members and friends die protecting our great nation. My great appreciation goes out to this generation along with all of the armed forces personnel serving our nation in these troubled times.
    I hope that the American public wises up soon, but that may not be possible given that many are becoming a society dependent on the government handouts that are so freely given out.

  • Melissa

    HOLY COW! What happened to teaching our kids to be responsible?????? I have kids ages 8-17 and personally I believe that education should be 1st and foremost followed by taking responsibility for the actions teens choose, not a simple go to the store and get rid of the problem without telling mom & dad. How is this benefiting anyone????? No, I don’t want to see hundreds of young girls out there becoming pregnant, however, if they are “mature” enough to have sex they should be “mature” enough to have the conversation with their parents to discuss the fact that they didn’t properly protect themselves! There is no reason this should be allowed to be purchased by teenagers, this is simply reinforcing the fact that they can hide things from and lie to their parents! Good heavens, I can’t send my 17 year old to buy a tube of super glue but a 15 year old can basically abort a child???????????????

    • http://hayspost american

      You were doing pretty good ,untill your last line “a 15 year old can abort a child ” By the morning there is no child . maybe to cells from each $ex partner getting around to saying hello. No different then me spitting on a water melon seed right after i planted it in the ground.

    • Chris

      Oh my, it is definitely not abortion. Abortion would mean the egg had to be fertilized. This prevents that from happening. If there is a fertilized egg, then the pill does nothing. Please do some research before spouting your uninformed view.

      • Melissa

        If you will both look closely at the wording I said basically abort not abort and I guess it depends on your views on that subject which last I checked wasn’t the topic of discussion. However since you brought it up my view in that is from the moment the sperm & egg make their attempt to join that is a life & I personally would never kill a potential child of mine that way. So, like I said “basically abort” which is my opinion which is what the sound off was for. Regardless it is an easy out for a young kid to “get away” with just one more thing that just proves we as a society are enabling our kids to be irresponsible and never have to suffer consequences of their actions.

        • http://hayspost american

          No i read it 4 times ,you said abort, which means a 15 year can get a abortion, now your pushing your anti abortion message , where as the pill stops it before it ever starts. I’m sure your also against rubbers also because the pope says that’s a no no also, but this is just my opinion back up by the law of the Untied States of America , roe verse wade

        • Chris

          A potential child? Uh, so that would make almost every cell in your body a potential child. Scientists can turn many body cells back into stem cells, which is what a fertilized egg to the blastula stage is. Plan B pill does not ‘kill’ anything anymore so than the skin and blood cells you ‘killed’ from your paper cut.

          Science has trumped religion time and time again. Please get off the ignorance train.

          • Melissa

            Too bad people feel science trumps religion. That is just another problem in this world……God has been pushed to the back burner. And look closer it doesn’t say abort it says basically abort….very last sentence in fact. No, I am not against condoms, in fact if a young child chooses to have sex & uses a condom I would shake their hand for being so responsible…..not only with pregnancy but also STDs! Apparently you people have not studied in the medical field as I have & work there also. Conception can and often DOES happen within a few hours of having intercourse therefore this is abortion at that point. It’s not like you have intercourse & the conception happens a week later after no further sexual contact! That is the reason there is a time frame for taking the morning after pill!!!!

          • http://hayspost.com american

            So now it sounds like your backing the idea of a women taking the pill in the morning, its gods way of shutting this whole thing down. After all your god invented drugs and everything else

          • Melissa

            My god didn’t invent drugs….scientists did. Yes, in the scheme of things he created man but that darn sure doesn’t make him responsible for the stupid things we do! I am not and never will back the morning after pill. I do know after having 4 children and also 4 miscarriages that in order for a pregnancy to be viable implantation must occur however once fertilization takes place the sperm & egg have joined which is what creates a human being. Regardless of how you try to dissect my views and tear them down you will not change my mind. I tend to block the ignorance of small minded people who place no value on human life. I am entitled to and will continue to back the belief that a fertilized egg deserves a chance and regardless of the scientific reasons for your arguments I will never support a child buying this product. This is just another way for teenagers to shirk responsibility….kind of how it’s the teachers fault when a hold get a bad grade or the cops fault when a child gets an MIP….you people are the ones that allow these things to happen by not holding youth accountable!

        • Free Thinker

          @Melissa-You are too dumb to argue with both of them. Fertilization then implantation must occur for the pregnancy to be viable and that doesn’t happen with plan B. You should have studied science more and that other book less.

          • Chris

            Free thinker,

            Love your way of ‘thinking.’ Get a beer sometime? haha

    • Frank

      Basically abort, is that anything like Legitimate rape?

  • Jaime

    Not only is it stupid, it is dangerous. This medication can cause major problems for anyone that takes it. I think it will promote sex at a younger age, because they will think it is a fix all. BAD BAD BAD IDEA!

  • Runner

    I guess the morning after pill is more convenient than parenting…

    • Free Thinker

      For a 15 year old it absolutely is.

  • Timothy

    They need a morning after pill for men. That way when I wake up next to some big ugly I can take that and poof my night never happened!

    • Lmao

      That’s is f’ing hilarious!
      Where do I sign up. I think we’ve all gone hogging before and know the feeling.

  • hmmmm

    I do believe this starts with the parents. They need to teach right from wrong, BUT you are always going to have the rebellious kids that do what mom and dad don’t want. Giving the 15 yr old the opportunity to have sex without any chance of parents finding out because they can go to the store to get a pill. PLUS we may see an increase of STD’s because now they will not use condoms as they only need a pill afterwards.


  • Open mind

    I’m fairly certain we can contribute teenage sex to biology. Why do 15 year olds have fully developed sex organs? Cause nature intended us to reproduce in our prime. Not when we are 40. You all realize the life expectancy only 100 years ago was on average around 40 right? Ten teenagers have had sex for thousands of years and will continue to do so. How do u blame the president for this? Everyone wants to blame someone else for their issues. Fact is if your teenage daughter gets pregnant its her and his fault. Parenting is important but even that is hard to trump hormones.

    • Chris

      Maybe they need to read their bibles more and they wont have premarital sex? LOL

      • Free Thinker


      • Open mind

        Reading their bibles will only make them feel guilty for what is part of the natural world. That’s what religions do, they take what is natural and tell you it’s a sin. So forever are u bound to them. I figure the bible is the same as any other fairy Tale. Some good life lessons mixed with pure fantasy and unscientific ways to explain the natural world an it’s laws. It is definitly not the word of a Deity though. The writing of old men from a world long ago.

        • Hays

          I’m curious as to where you get your information about “religions” because it is apparent you are not a religious person. I grew up in a church my entire life and have never been made to feel guilty about sex through the eyes of God or the Bible. Just judge all because of the views of a few hypocritical Catholics.

          • Chris

            Sounds like you are judging Catholics in that last statement. Doesn’t judging make you a hypocritical Christian? I am laughing myself out of my chair.

          • Free Thinker

            I can state with absolute certainty that the Methodists view it the same way…So let’s not try and “cool up” christianity…It’s not cool and has no more insight on the world than the pastafarian religion.

          • Hays

            No, Chris. It makes me an honest Christian. As opposed to some Catholics who preach and teach abstinence, refuse to even consider birth control options for youth, and then disgracefully shuttle their daughters off to some “camp” to finish out their pregnancies “in secret”.

  • fred

    Some of you I just don’t get, I mean I agree parents need to step up and teach kids better ok great who wouldn’t agree and 15yr olds shouldn’t have sex great we all agree but the “some of you I just don’t get” are the ones that have their heads up their a–es. If I close my eyes and say 3 times “it’s not true” then it’s not true I guess. The fact of the matter is simple,, YOU can not control OTHERS!!! and believe it or not you can’t pray away the problem. And since NO ONE has the right to tell others how to live their life, yes including you right wingers, then I would much rather know this kid can purchase this instead of getting pregnant and on welfare. Or maybe force these kids to have an abortion,, I don’t like this option but who am I to tell someone what they can and can’t do. Oh and the person who blames Obama,,,, sad.

    • fred

      And no I am not advocating we force them to have abortions I meant to say as a lack of option one might choose this path.

      • Melissa

        Ummmmm……control others????? These are children!!!!!!! Yes, as their parents we should have some control over what is available to them!!!!! Holy cow, to say that we cannot control our children says a lot right there…..you are one of those people that obviously contributes to the problem by not thinking that the younger generation should be held responsible for their actions. Would you feel the same way if a 15 year old boy broke into your home and stole everything you owned then got a “free pass” because after all “we cannot control others”????????

        • http://hayspost american

          Welcome to conservative party nazi concentration camp 67601 , i an your commander Melissa and you are no longer an individual, as i control you and all others here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Melissa

            How very narrow minded if you. When I had my children I promised to raise them into responsible adults. My children are held accountable for their actions whether it is bad grades in school or poor judgement with a peer. I give them the freedom to make their choice but I hold them accountable for that choice. THAT is not being their commander that is being a parent to a child you choose not to visit in prison or rehab!

        • GHJ

          How flippin clueless are you Melissa? I am pretty sure the poster was not talking about your child or your right as a parent!!! read the post again and try with all your might to be open minded, and if that don’t work and I suspect it won’t then I’ll explain it to you. Can you control your neighbors kids? can you go over and tell your neighbors how they should parent and give them some pointers? think they would tell to go fly a kite? now Melissa how the hell are you going to tell someone on the west coast or East coast how to parent???? You right wingers think the world is on a few blocks long and we can all get together and raise the village kids but all we are left with is the village idiots thinking everyone should be like them.

          • Melissa

            The point of the comment was the control issue. And regardless no we cannot control what our fellow americans do. However, if people will take some responsibility themselves eventually the strong morals will over take the bad ones in society. Instead we as a society choose to let the bad morals and the unsavory people prevail. And I’m pretty sure the state is already mandating and taking control of how we are allowed to raise our children. What do you think has led to the lack of morals in society???? As parents we are not allowed to make out kids accountable for their actions because every little thing is viewed as abuse or neglect by our state. Our children know this and use it to their advantage. Why do you think there are so many behavior health facilities for children popping up all over the place? Why do you think so many children are sedated on medication? I work in healthcare and the numbers are alarming! Add to that the number of children that are placed in state custody after seeing a physician for supposed abuse because of a bogus complaint they told because mom & dad made them mad….we have lost control as parents and it needs to be given back.

  • Wow

    This is coming from an 18-year-old, TEENAGERS ARE GOING TO HAVE SEX. Yes I 100% agree parents should educate their children. Not only on abstinence, but also safe sex because they will not be abstinent forever. I’m so thankful my parents are openminded because they educated me about condoms and the pill. I know I can go to them with any questions I may have about sex. Do I believe Plan B should be your first choice? No. But I’m educated on birth control and condoms and I know about Plan B if a mistake happens. You people need to open your eyes, kids are going to try things whether you’re ready for them or not. They’re going to try things and they ARE going to make mistakes because they’re human. Hopefully, IF a 15-year-old girl decides to have sex, she decides to have safe sex. If not, I’m glad Plan B is an option so she doesn’t have to ruin her future because of one mistake. I also hope she learns from that mistake. Plan B is NOT an abortion pill either – not even close.

  • wesker72

    Right-wingers?! Nazi concentration camp?! The best way NOT to have a good discussion is name-calling. I feel a left winger “forcing” their views in me…uugghh…seriously?! No, nobody is forcing their views on anybody, unless they are holding a gun to their head. It is someone’s opinion, that is all, nothing more, nothing less. I am forced to wear my seat belt, not litter, not drink till I am 21, not run around the outskirts of Hays naked, or play my music too loud, not steal my neighbors new car…all these laws are being forced on me by someone I do not agree with. Oh yeah, no 15 y/o should be able to get this pill, w/out some sort of parental consent…damn, I am forcing my right wingest (I just made that word up) views on teenagers…we should be forcing our views on teenagers, cause they do not usually know better. Leave the name calling out, if we want to be civil.