Opinion: Demand “Border Security First” Bill

Every since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) (the Reagan amnesty bill) Congress has been lying to the American people. Under IRCA the border was going to be secured, benefits to illegal aliens would be cut off, it was made illegal for people to employ illegals, the immigration laws were actually going to be enforced and on and on. The problem had been going on for much longer than 1986. The Supreme Court noted in 1982 that the country had been plagued by a “…failure of enforcement of the immigration laws over more than a decade…”

The 1986 amnesty was handed out not because these law breakers deserved it but to prove we are a compassionate peoples or so we were told. I was surprised our compassion was in question in the first place.

Of course under IRCA the border security was going to be in the future, and the laws cutting off benefits were loaded with loop holes and those laws that had not been enforced for the prior twelve years were not enforced nor was the other immigration laws really enforced including that on prohibiting the hiring of illegal aliens.

The “first last and only amnesty ” turned into six more amnesty bills through 2007.

Now over forty (40) years later we are hearing the same lies and largely from the same GOP / Demo elitist / globalist.
Of course there are some new faces such as the crown prince of the elitist GOP leadership, Marco Rubio. We are suppose to love this young, dynamic, Hispanic whose primary purpose is to lead “We the Grassroots” GOPers to the Moderate side and to promote another “scamnesty” immigration bill.

Let’s look at what Rubio has said he supports and what he and the “gang of eight” (GOE) are actually promoting.

1. Rubio says he is against amnesty and the GOE is not amnesty.

The GOE bill promotes immediate amnesty , it’s called “Registered Provisional Immigrant” (RPI).

(The use of the term “Immigrant” is a psychological ploy to give these alien lawbreakers an air of legitimacy in the mind of Americans. Recall we started out with “illegal aliens”, then “illegal immigrants” then “undocumented aliens” then undocumented immigrants or workers” and then “undocumented Americans” (by Harry Reid). It’s like the game played with global cooling” that turned into “global warming” to “climate change” to “climate reality”. Let’s call them what they are “”Registered Provisional Illegal / Unlawful Aliens”. If Congress will not be honest about what these folks are how can we trust them to be honest about anything else?)

2. Rubio says he is against giving illegal aliens any federal benefits. (see endnote iii)

The GOE bill allows illegal aliens to get state and local welfare benefits and there are enormous loopholes which allow illegal aliens and their families to get federal welfare benefits. (see endnote iv)

3. Rubio is against letting criminal aliens and gangsters stay in the country. (see endnote iii)

The GOE allows criminal aliens and cartel gangsters to remain in the U.S. by having exceptions for ” juvenile” gangsters, those that have plead down from felonies to misdemeanors, those arrested for felonies but not yet convicted and allows the Department of Homeland in-Security to waive this restriction on anyone. (see endnote iv)

4. Rubio will only support a bill that provides for border security before any accommodations to illegal aliens.

The GOE promises future border security but will give amnesty “Registered Provisional Immigrant” status within six month from the passage of the GOE bill. Of course this is just like every prior immigration bill. (see endnote iv)

5. Rubio wants the immigrations laws to be enforced. (see endnote iii)
The GOE does nothing new to ensure that the immigration laws are enforced. In fact it prohibits the application of current rules on those likely to become a “charge of the state” to get illegals out under the GOE bill. It requires the Department of Homeland in-Security to report on its own progress to change the enforcement mechanics. (see endnote iv)

6. Rubio wants illegal aliens to pay their back taxes. (see endnote iii)

The GOE is set up so that very few illegal aliens will be paying any back taxes and those that do will not be paying all their back taxes. This is accomplished largely through definitional finagling. (see endnote iv)
The bottom line is that Congress (our governments) has been violating their oath of office on immigration for going on a half century and worse lying to us. It has been both Demos and the GOP. They have violated their primary duty to secure our rights .

Their violations have costs us billions of dollars and over a hundred thousand lives of our fellow citizens and permanent resident aliens. They have blamed us for their failings and have called us “racists” and “bigots” because we dared question their plan to dilute our citizenship and balkanize our Republic.

We must not allow them to tell us the same lies once again. It is time to show some righteous indignation and some supervisory initiative. We need to convince them by whatever (legal) means necessary that they will pay a political price if they do anything but pass a border security only bill. We can talk about the rest of the immigration issue once we see how that pans out in a couple of years.

The next time one of our Congressmen say that our immigration system is broken yell back “No that is a lie! Our politicians are corrupt!”

For the sake of Liberty,

Richard D. Fry
General Counsel
FIRE Coalition

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