Sound OFF: What Impact Will Jason Collins Announcement have?

collinsOn Monday, NBA player Jason Collins became one of the first American athletes to come out as Gay.

In a first person account for Sports Illustrated Collins said he wished other athletes before him had come out. Collins is the first current professional athlete in a major American sports league to come out. He’s played in the NBA for 12 years on six teams.

What do you think of Jason Collins announcement? What effect will it have on professional sports?  Tell us in the comments section below.

  • Sick

    Who needs to know he is Gay, straight or whatever. This coming out stuff is pathetic. And everyone praises him. God help us

  • hmmmm

    I dont think it should matter if he is gay or straight. This is not going to change that he is an NBA basketball player. Some people are going to hate on him, and some people are going to praise him for coming out. I think being open about your sexuality is more common these days, so I dont feel the media needs to make such a big deal out of it.


  • Steggy

    His sexual orientation means nothing to people. How he performs on the court for the money he makes is all that counts. I think that main stream media is the only ones who make a big deal of it!

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    I could not care less. I have no interest in other people’s sexual orientation.

  • Jay Pfeifer

    The news of a professional male athlete being sexually attracted to other men is SO IMPORTANT, in fact, that it prompted Obama to MAKE A PHONE CALL to Jason to “express his support” and tell him he was “impressed by his courage.”
    After the tragic death of one of America’s greatest war heroes, it has become apparent that President Obama and the White House will do nothing to honor – or even mention – the late U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Kyle.
    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hmmmm

      This shouldnt suprise anyone, as our President does not even participate in Vetran’s Day celebrations. BUT YET we voted him in again. that is something that makes you go hmmmmmmm?


  • the first one…

    he was the first one to ‘come out’ – so he will sell the most books for those who care about this sort of thing. i had never even heard of him until this big coming out party!

  • http://hayspost japherd

    Why is this a headline? Seems like everyone is coming out of the closet/ Don’t understand the signifiance of this/