TMP- Marian ACE Auction Sets Record

TMPIt was a recording setting Ace Auction for TMP-Marian Junior-Senior high on Saturday night. The Alumni Association auction totaled around $600,000. Donations totaled approximately $300,000 for the administration/classroom building elevator. Totals are unofficial but will be updated on Hays Post when all donations come in later in the week.

Jeff Brull, TMP-Marian Advancement Director said he was extremely pleased with the live stream of the auction that was broadcast  by HaysPost. Viewers were able to make donations while they were watching online from around town and around the country. It certainly contributed to the overwhelming success of the auction.  Brull said he only foresees growth of the auction utilizing Hays Post in the future.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Thank you Hays Post for the live stream I enjoyed watching the auction.