New Private School Sets Enrollment Dates

Organizers for a new private school in Hays held their first meeting on Sunday. Twenty -five families attended the informational meeting. Victory Christian Academy-Hays will begin with K-5th grade classes in August in a building at 5790 230th Avenue, home to Celebration Community Church. Organizers told Hays Post the school is not an entity of the church. Enrollment dates are set for May 22-23 and June 5-6.school2

  • Chris

    So is this going to be one the schools that teaches kids that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time??

    • anon

      Sadly it seems like it is.

  • http://hayspost american

    You got it

  • Jordan Gemboys


  • † Christian

    I think this will be a WONDERFUL edition to the community. It is time we get a christian school in Hays, Kansas. My only regret is I’m too old to go! Have a blessed day.

    • Anon

      We have two already? TMP and Holy family aren’t christian schools?

      • ksprovider

        Catholic and Christian are not the same thing..

        • SAnon

          Christians believe in God. When did catholics stop believing in God? Believe you are misinformed that the two are not the same

          • ksprovider

            Jews believe in God as well.. but they are in fact not the same as Catholic or Christian just as Catholicism isn’t the same as Christianity. I don’t think it is me who is misinformed, thank you.

  • Uncle Thomas

    “Organizers told Hays Post the school is not an entity of the church”…interesting.
    These churches that pop up and the pastor/minister/preacher are the CEO, COO & CFO always are of concern. Of course tax exempt and no one is accountable for the cash offering except the CEO… It is always a nice story when someone questions the finances and are asked to leave the “house of GOD”.

    • Excuse Me?

      If you would like to view the financial plan for Celebration Community Church you may ask to see it, it is not hidden from the public nor is there anything to hide.

      • Uncle Thomas

        There are skeletons in the closet.

      • Anon

        I’d like to see it.

  • SAnon

    well believe whatever ksprovider but I am a protestant who believes catholics are Christians.

    • Informed Citizen

      Catholics believe in Christ…CHRISTian. Those are your facts.

      • ksprovider

        If Catholic’s and Christian’s were one in the same then there would not be two separate church’s.. Such as the Catholic Church.. and the Christian Church.

  • Why??

    Uncle Thomas: Care to enlighten us?

  • Uncle Thomas

    You can ignore my comments, I generally just talk uninformed Jibberish anyways!

    • Uncle Thomas

      Why do you feel the need to copy my name? Everyone can see by the icon we are not one in the same? Really…why not share your own opinions or ask questions to spark conversation?

      • Uncle Thomas

        Why do you feel the need to copy my name? Look at the icon it will be the same as above. But I will still be speaking jibberish and I will still be uninformed.

        • Uncle Thomas

          The icon does not match the original comment of this topic. Only your comment as an impersonator.
          Please site examples of “jibberish” (which is actually spelled gibberish) and what is “uniformed” in your opinion?