Light in the Dark

And they're off...

And they’re off…

There was lots of “Light in the Dark” Friday evening during a 5K Run/Walk organized by the new Fort Hays State University student organization “Students for Life.”

“Proceeds from the event go to FHSU Students for Life to educate students about pro-life issues and to bring pro-life speakers to campus,” says group vice-president Becca Kohl, Hays.

Participants in the run/walk wore special glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, necklaces and bracelets, even face paint, as they wound their way around campus beginning at dusk.

Prior to the race start, the group heard from Hays pro-life author and musician Elizabeth Schmeidler and watched a video about abortion.

SFL was launched this past fall.  Nancy Cunningham, HelpDesk Center Supervisor, is the campus advisor.

“I think there are a lot of pro-life students out there – more than we know – and this will give them a place to belong and learn how to make their voices heard,” says Cunningham.  “One way we hope to make a difference on campus is by providing information and support to pregnant women and those who have been affected by abortion.”

FHSU Students for Life is a chapter of Students for Life of America (SFLA). The national group has been providing support and training to the officers.



  • K

    I seriously don’t understand the idea of regulating women to be forced to have unwanted children, there are 410,000 children in the U.S. without homes already; and over 7 billion people in the world with a population growing at an exponential rate. Those unborn cells will not regret not being born nor miss it, in fact they will never exist to know anything and therefore it only affects those nosy people who care to make a big deal out of the unborn yet forget to care about those that are already here struggling on the street to survive. Just a thought.

    • Chris

      And in today’s world, science can take any human cell, and transform it into stem cells. These are the same cells a fertilized embryo has. So every cell in your body has the potential to becoming ‘life.’ 40% of all fertilized eggs are spontaneously aborted before the woman even knows she is pregnant. So, if like begins at fertilization, that’s a whole lot of ‘souls’ that go to waste. Or maybe your god is going green and recycles those souls to use again.

      • Viper

        It is sad that K and Chris place so little value on human life. God have mercy on their souls when they die.

        • Chris

          Hahaha, souls are nothing but an extension of human consciousness. Mine will fade away at death, as will yours. I don’t need to waste my life praying to the fictional bible god. Believe in your fairy tales as you wish,in your private time, but leave it out of the real world.

          • Viper

            Chris, I would rather believe in Jesus than in you. You are living an empty life without faith.

          • Chris

            The great thing is, you dont have to BELIEVE in me, because I am here. You dont have to have ‘faith’ that I am here, because I am here. Please,viper, define ‘faith.’

  • Viper

    Keep thinking about faith Chris, God bless you.

    • Chris

      Did I sneeze?