Police Investigating String of Vandalism and Burglaries

Hays police carHays Police are investigating a string of vandalism and vehicle burglaries that occurred in several continuous blocks of 20th Street this week.  Hays Police Lt. Brandon Wright told Hays Post, “Graffiti was written on windows of vehicles and properties, but in most cases it appeared it could be cleaned off with no damage done.  Several unlocked vehicles were entered and ransacked, and several small items were stolen out of one car.  In all Police received 10 reports. All of the activity occurred in an area between the 100 Block W 20th and the 400 Block of E 20th.  As always, the Hays Police Department urges the public to lock their vehicles, store items of value out of sight, and if you observe suspicious activity, report it immediately to police 785-625-1011.  In an emergency call 911.”

  • GARY

    how would these DAMN kids like it if their property was damaged like that if they ain’t got nothing better to do i’ll find something for them to do.

    • Uncle Thomas


  • Reaper

    That’s when you sit in the dark with a pellet gun and shoot them lil’ bastages.

  • http://hayspost.com american

    hpd ! look for the missing items at the midway apartments, if they started in the west and headed East on 20 th, , next stop is the midway apartments, but a think you already know this