Suspect Caught Trying to Run from Court House

el co courthouse(AP) — A man from Colorado who had just been found guilty of a drug charge decided he didn’t want to hang around the Ellis County courthouse.

Ellis County officials say Nathan Beougher of Colorado Springs, Colo., took off running Thursday after a judge revoked his bond and ordered him jailed for intent to distribute marijuana.

Beougher was subdued by two law officers before he got out of the courthouse, with several other officers arriving on the scene to help. The incident happened at 5:30 p.m., shortly after most people had left the courthouse. No one was injured.

County officials have been pushing courthouse security as one of the reasons to pass a proposed sales tax, which would be partially used for courthouse  and jail renovations.

  • WeeTodd

    Oh great, another reason to shove the sales tax issue down our throats.

    • american

      We all survived the tax that just went off for the sports complex, I think we can survive this again. You dang red state redneck conservatives, all you can to is cry about your taxes, but you sure want to use or collect on all the benefits from taxes

  • stonedigger

    I think it was staged. Pretty convenient it was after hours when most county offices were closed for the day.

    • Heh.

      Staged for what purpose? We live in Hays….nothing of any merit ever happens here.

    • # 12

      There is no such thing as after hours when you have a trial going on . I was one of 12 on the jury, we had just found him guilty around 5:30 and were asked to return to the jury room after that. A few minutes later we heard the yelling and fighting go on in the hallway. Even later, the jury was escorted to their cars because the defendant’s girl friend was stalking the court house. Staged? no! . This is the second time I have been up there when a prisoner has tried to run

  • Leagalize

    Leagalize it time to recognize it

    • *


      I still feel it

  • nanag

    As someone who was leaving the courthouse last night when this incident occured, I can tell you it certainly was not staged. I was told to run, run, hide in the bathroom and to not come out until the situation was under control. It was very scary! Something needs to be done to protect the public and the workers from situations like this.

    • Citizen

      Yea, like put the criminals in leg shackles.

    • Fact

      Usually county employees are out by 4:45pm

      • Hays

        Check your facts. That is a blatant lie.

        • # 12

          Your an idiot, what facts ? were you there?. I was there on the jury ,we were all there yet from the trial, read the story again

          • Frank


            Oh, the irony!

        • american

          What a sad life frank, if that’s all you got to do is worry about , is correct grammar, I see you didn’t have any interesting info to share with the rest of us

      • http://hayspost mm

        What office would that be? You are mistaken, the offices are open till 5:00.

    • aaa

      We just passed a law. Soon you can ccw in state/municipal buildings

      • american

        Only if they have no protection in place. there were officers in the building with their on bang bang,s



    • TD

      He was there on his own recognizance. His bond was was revoked by the judge, meaning he came to court most likely from HOME. He wasn’t in custody when he arrived. The judge ordered him into custody and that’s when he ran.

    • Hays

      And if he had been cuffed and shackled, you would have griped because it was just a little pot. Let’s face it, no one can win with you.

    • # 12

      H e walked out for lunch at 12:15 like the judge and jury did, because he was out on bond ,until we found him guilty and the judge revoked his bond. Now he gets his shackles

  • bill

    What I’d like to know is, WHY was his bond revoked………

    • revoked

      He is a third time offender and he is from Colorado so they considered him a flight risk. They figure he has no ties to the area and would flee before he could be sentenced. By revoking his bond he will be kept in the overcrowded jail.

      • # 12

        You are correct

  • Coincidence?

    If he was there on his own he wouldn’t be shackled. Sounds like ELCO was on top of it.
    good thing they didn’t have AR15’s or we’d be remodeling the courthouse.

  • Uncle Thomas

    “County officials have been pushing courthouse security as one of the reasons to pass a proposed sales tax, which would be partially used for courthouse and jail renovations.”

    I know my ideas are impractical as they do not cost money. Often times I suggest administrative changes vs. structural, etc
    In a situation such as this would it not be easy to accept responsibility as county employees in charge of this area and suggest possibly in a situation such as this the judge tip off the deputies so that prep could be made? Maybe ask for one or two more deputies? This action could all be triggered by the judge and only take moments. With the perception of additional forces the party may decide an escape is not practical.
    Yes there are such electronic devices available that could assist in this action and it would take only minutes…the judge would delay until the troops arrived.
    I know, it might cost less than $1000…nevermind lets spend seven digit figures. One thing about elected officials they like the press and they can spend tax payers money all day long.

    • # 12

      The defendant was calm and well behave all day until he heard that his bond was revoked. On days when they are running many prisoners through, then they have a lot more officers up there. and yes the judge said later that maybe they should of had another officer up there, but the defendant was well behave all day ,so it didn’t seem like a problem

      • Uncle Thomas

        Okay…I wasnt looking for excuses! I was only applying common sense in this uncommon world. The Judge new he was going to be taking a mans freedom from him…correct? Law enforcement always want to error on the side of safety is this not why SWAT teams have more then one member… overwhelming force…hopefully. Again the Judge new the outcome…a mans freedom. It does not matter how the man “was” acting…hit a nice guy with a bat and see what happens. Not that difficult to realize the outcome could be less than favorable. Whether it be fear, anger, etc.

        • american

          The court bailiff was standing right behind the defendant, he was ready for it, but when there’s 30 years difference in age, the defendant was quicker. The judge don’t know the out come of the trial until the jury tells him the verdict

          • Uncle Thomas

            Yes I understand all that AMERICAN.
            The jury reads the verdict…the judge then makes the decision to revoke the bond, etc. The jury reads the verdict, the judge delays for two minutes all while pushing the panic button (like in a bank) which could notify dispatch. At any one time I would bet we have 1/2 dozen law enforcement warming chairs in the LEC. Within in minutes a show of force would be present and the young man would change his mind or be brought to the ground before he blinked.
            If we can dispatch EMS, EMS Supv., Fire Dept, Law Enforcement, Aunt Thelma & Uncle Jimmy along with their neighbors dog across town in minutes with a call to 911, I would hope to shout we can dispatch a few boys in uniform within 50 yards!!!
            I know a pretty wild thought :) :)…
            How about we hire 10 more bailiffs…salary, uniforms, benefits…spend 1/2 a mill…maybe that will work.
            A few changes in procedures is not difficult if we have the right people in the right places…which obviously we dont.

          • american

            I don’t know take it up with Judge Braun, see if he has a buzzer, or maybe you can give him a cow bell to ring , what will get them come running