See Hays Police Department Special Situation Response Team in Action

The Hays Police Department conducted Special Situation Response Team Training on Thursday afternoon and evening. Commander Tim Greenwood is responsible for Hays Police Tactical team. Lt. Brandon Wright told Hays Post, “Our tactical team works on a regular basis with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation’s tactical team. Our situation response team is very well trained.”

  • Its here

    Heres how you know were living in a Police state and your rights have been slowly encroached on for so long that soon you wont have many.
    But here is one of the many signs. When the Police start to wear uniforms that arent easily identifiable or cant be distinguished from Military uniforms. In this example they even go a step further and the word EMS is on the back of one of there uniforms. Oh how the line has blurred. Next time I need a cop ill just call an ambulance.

    • WeeTodd

      Next time you call a 911, you will get 10 police officers in 8 different cruisers, 2 ambulances with 3 paramedics in each, and 6 fire trucks with 15 firefighters, and that is ONLY if is a NON-EMERGENCY!!!

      • frrrrrrunkis

        How are people okay with this happening in their neighborhood. Train somewhere else…

  • TD

    God these people who commented above are ignorant. These uniforms have been around for decades for LEO’s, EMS is the medic on the team if someone goes down including the suspect. They’re not going to go in looking fantastic so someone can recognize them, that’s why they shout “POLICE”. Wearing something shiny such as a badge can give away your position. Do your research before make a statement that proves you have no knowledge of the profession. I look forward to the negative replies.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Couldnt they be more sensitive the the publics perception by wearing pink:)? Especially in a hostage situation…or methheadgonewild…the uniform…please!

      • TD

        LMAO!! Okay I don’t care who you are that is funny, well said. I’m all for the pink uniforms for breast cancer awareness.

        • Uncle Thomas

          Thanks TD, I am trying to change my HaysPost image. Typically I attempt to take an opposing side, but many see it as all knowing and can not handle a devils advocate for the sake of conversation. I will try a bit of humor for a while to soften my smart butt image.

          • TD

            Keep it up!