Pipe Bomb Turns Up In Wichita Storage Unit


(AP) — A Wichita woman had a nasty surprise when she discovered a pipe bomb among items she brought home from a self-storage unit.

The explosive device turned up Thursday while the woman was going through bags of items she retrieved from the storage unit to prepare for a garage sale.

The device was described as a length of plastic pipe with a fuse sticking out. The woman called police, who summoned the bomb squad and cleared parts of the neighborhood. The bomb squad detonated the device without incident.

Police are trying to figure out who put the pipe bomb in the storage unit, which the woman shared with another person.

  • HMM

    why don’t we just show the picture so other crazy people can try and make them there selves. I mean we wonder why all the crazy stuff keeps happening, well when ya broadcast it for months, over and over on TV put pics and videos all over media. Telling people how it’s done.