Alleged Heroin Dealer Arrested in Western Kansas

A 43 year old Montclair, California man is charged with allegedly possessing, with the intent to distribute, 2.5 kilograms of heroin in Trego County.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office, the crime took place on April 15.

The San Bernadino County California Sheriff’s Office told Eagle News they also  had  previous experience with the suspect, Tori Phillips Scieneaux.  They were not sure why he was traveling through Kansas.

If convicted on these drug charges, he faces a penalty of not less than 10 years and a fine up to $4 million.
The Kansas Highway Patrol and the Drug Enforcement Administration investigated this case.

  • GARY


    • jimmie rodriguez

      A gary u wouldnt happen to be mr.west would u

  • Reaper

    Good , but how does Trego County always catch all of these drug runners????

    • Vince

      KHP catches them and they have to put them in the jail of the county of arrest.

  • Uncle Thomas

    My guess is they get lucky. With so much dope trafficking they are bound to hit 1 in 1000. Must be a KHP in Trego County doing his job…SUPER!
    Let’s be thankful it happened in Trego County maybe he will get time and not plea…

  • Uncle Thomas

    He faces a penalty of not less than 10 years, but will serve maybe 6 with good behaviour.

  • fabulously Me

    It really sad how quick people are to judge another mans situation. You dont know if this man has a family and fell on hard times. The economy is so f**Ked up right now that mabye he had no choice. Instead of judgeing people need to worry more about creating more jobs. I happen to know this man personally and he is a father with a good heart. He was obviously at a desperate point in his life. You just never know the lenghths a person will go. Let God be the one to pass judgement, not you.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Okay…good man with 2.5 kilograms of “H”…REALLY DUMB CHOICE!
      It doesn’t pay to take short cuts in life…hard work only!
      GREAT jog KHP!

      • fabulously Me

        Btw, he was a very hard working man. He worked for Hostess for almost 20 years ubtil they recently went bankrupt. You never know what unexpected changes may come in life or the way you may deal with such. So next time you take a break from walking on water, try not to spend your time judgeing others.

        • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

          Go sell crazy somewhere else no one on this sight is buying it.

          • M. Duncan

            I’m sure he was a terrible father. selfish. instead of thinking “how can I get money for my kids legally.” he left them. he risked getting arrested. which he got, and now he’ll be without them for at least 10 years. Good Riddance I say.

          • Hmm


  • inkslinger

    too many gods, and not enough sheep

  • http://HaysPublicNews Swayze

    The law is the law and if he broke it and is convicted. He deserves what he gets. Get real !!!!! If I loose my job does that mean I should go robe some place and its OK.Remember I am I good person, a good father etc,but I fell on hard times.Now is the sitaution the same for me. Wake up

    • M. Duncan

      nicely put Swayze.