Letter to the Post- Sales Tax or Property Tax?

Dear Editor:

It is important to clear up misconceptions regarding the Ellis County safety and security .5% sales tax so that voters know exactly what is going on. The question the commission needs to have the voters answer is this: does Ellis County pay for these projects with a sales tax or an increase in property taxes?

The projects involved are renovation of the jail,renovations of the courthouse to secure it and separate prisoners from the public and the building of a new combined EMS and rural fire facility tot be located on the property located at 22nd Street and General Hays Road. The estimates and top amount agreed to by the commission is $12.5 million, to an approximate total of $14.32 million with interest.

This sales tax, if passed, WILL sunset in 5 years or when the bonds are paid off, whichever comes first. If the tax sunsets before the bonds are fully paid off the balance will taken care of within the County budget.

These projects are essential and have to be done. EMS is in a small building that worked when only 11 people worked there – now they have 41. Rural fire packs 5 vehicles into a 3040 square foot building – in a fire situation time is of the essence, yet they have to maneuver the trucks around to get the right one out.

Over ten years ago the need for these projects was determined. In the last three years there has been another space needs committee that have determined we are at critical mass and must get these projects completed. Now the question is, how do you want to pay for them? Do you want a sales tax or do you want to pay for it with an increase of your property taxes? It is up to you.

If you would like to tour any of the buildings or have any questions please feel free to call any of us and we can answer your questions and help you see them.

Dean Haselhorst
Swede Holmgren
Barbara Wasinger

  • Citizen

    I have a some Questions?
    Why do we have 4 times the amount of ems workers than we use to? The town hasn’t grown that much.
    Where is all this extra space we need for the jail coming from? Is this a permanent fix or a band-aid that will need to be addressed again in 5 years?
    Is all the money we will be saving from not having to house prisoners in other jails and transporting prisoners going to go to pay of the bond? Are we going to sell the 2 extra vehicles they need to transport prisoners to pay off the bond?
    Can this not be done is stages so we don’t have to pay so much interest?
    This is not a vote for sales tax or property tax. This is a vote to approve sales tax. I am tired of the commissioners pushing this with scare tactics. They need to remember they work for the citizens of the county. If they don’t do what the citizens want them to do we can and will vote them out.

    • Buck

      They are acting like schoolyard bullies. If you don’t give them your money, they’re going to take it from you, anyway. Good luck on your next election.

  • http://Hayspost.com Why???

    Why then is the question to be voted on then Sales Tax or Property tax?

    Darn politicians……I expected more from you Swede!!!!

    • disgusted

      swede has been a BIG disappointment, he has jsut turned into a yes man for sund

  • http://hayspost.com dishonest

    I have followed this issue very closely and now, three Weeks before the election they tell us that’s its going to happen no matter how we vote. Why was this not brought into the conversation from the start, seems unethical and dishonest to me. Why are we just now hearing about property taxes?

  • Reaper

    What a bunch of @ss’s. Why is the EMS department 4 times larger than it was?????????

    • WeeTodd

      It is 4 times larger than before because they think they need to send 2 ladder trucks, 4 regular trucks, 6 ambulances, and 13 police cars to a dumpster fire. The more miles put on the vehicles, the more often they get replaced with new ones. God forbid if they drive a vehicle more than 2 years old with more than twenty thousand miles on it!!! Make the taxpayers buy new ones every couple of years.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Easy “Wee Todd”, you are started to act like me.

  • brian

    What I do not appreciate as a voter is the statement “Now the question is, how do you want to pay for them? Do you want a sales tax or do you want to pay for it with an increase of your property taxes? It is up to you.”

    That is pompous to say in a public forum, vote for it or not either way the public votes, we will get the money one way or another regardless of public opinion.