Sound OFF: President Says Your Tax Free Online Shopping is About to End?

Money - Cash 002You may soon say goodbye to tax free online shopping. A bill working it’s way through the U.S. Senate has just received President Obama’s endorsement.

The bill would require stores to collect state and local tax on all on line purchases.

Currently online taxes are collected only if the business has a physical store only where the buyer lives. A final bill could be passed later this week.

Tell us what you think of this idea in the comments section below.

  • Vance

    Dang Obama. Another tax. Amazon will love this. Call Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts before this becomes law.

    • Free Thinker

      They both support it…they do not care about us.


      Its about time…. make it fair for the small private own companies that struggle with locals buying on the internet tax free…

  • kansan forever

    If all the online sales were being reported by the purchaser in the form of the consumers use tax like they are supposed to be, this would not be up for consideration. We also would probably not be voting on a county sales tax increase…… oh wait a minute…. yes we would be voting because the powers-that-be spend like there is no tomorrow – bureaucrats love to spend money

    • taxed to death

      Well if us Kansas’s would be honest and tell the truth on how much we spent online there is already a State Tax that is calculated on our State Return for “Online Purchases” and we wouldn’t need a Federal Law to do this. Can you imagine the massive “Federal Gub’Ment Database” that would have to be created and constantly updating to keep up with the ever changing City and State Sales Tax Rates? Oh No the evil registery of taxes then they would vreate the subsequent registry of what we buy! Oh my God soon, they’ll be coming to our homes and tt take away the “unnecessary luxury items” we have purchased!! (Sarcasm for the Tea-Hadists Tin Foil Hat Wearers of Ellis County)

  • Heh.

    Oh, no! We’ll have to pay taxes on things we should have been paying taxes on anyway! Who cares

  • Austin

    People are technically supposed to do this anyway. However, this will only help local businesses that have been losing sales to online purchases for years now because the general public “thinks” it’s tax free.

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