Police Make Arrests for Hosting Minors Consuming Alcohol

Hays policeHays Police made five arrests at one address over the weekend. According to Police Lt. Brandon Wright, “Officers responded to a report of a noise disturbance, a loud party, in the 200 block W 7th at 2:46 AM Sunday morning.

This was the second such complaint about this address that night.  At the scene officers did find a party taking place.

Officers arrested Darrin T. Nay, 20, Hays, for Underage Possession of Alcohol.

Two tenants of the house – Troy J. Miller Jr., 22, and Clayton L. Schamberger, 21, were both arrested for Hosting Minors Consuming Alcohol.

In addition, James W. Miller, 23, Lindsborg, was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Lane A. Barry, 21, Hays, was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction due to their conduct while officers were investigating and making the arrests.”

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    Hopefully, we’ll see A WHOLE LOT more of these articles. Especially after what happened to the young girl in Hays a few months ago.

  • Free Thinker

    Can someone explain why a 20 year old can’t legally drink, but can be sent to war to get shot at? The incident with the girl a while back was tragic, but not really the same thing as this. These guys now have a criminal record. How is justice served here? Sounds like they were just being loud and obnoxious…kinda like a normal college kid.

    • countryboy

      Age of 18 old enough to dye for your country but can’t have a drink until 21 such a BS law. The girl awhile back if I remember rightly was 16 or 17 not of legal age. To “Not Normal” we all make mistakes. We all have to learn from them. Or you must be the only perfect person on the face of the Earth. It’s called the “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS” been there passed most courses but still have a lot of schooling to go before I graduate and be perfect. As a matter of fact the day I become perfect and mistake free is the day they put me 6 ft in the ground.

    • Hays

      They will have a criminal record because they acted like irresponsible idiots, not because they are old enough to go to war. Had these guys been sitting quietly in their house drinking a beer and shooting the breeze like good neighbors, they probably would have been left alone. Instead, they were disturbing the peace for others around them as evidenced by the fact that there were at least two calls placed to police regarding the noise disturbance. And let’s not even talk about the two who were “of age”. Their parents are probably burying their heads in the sand right about now.

      • Free Thinker

        You’ve never been to a loud party? Come on man…I will agree with you on the lunacy of the two arrested for mouthing off to the police…that’s just stupid.

      • hmmm 2

        Its about more than these ‘poor boys’ being arrested and having records..they broke the law..you can’t have it both ways…if their old enough to ” die for their country” as some of you states..they are old enough to accept the consequences of their actions when they break the law.. they where causing a neighborhood disturbance.. I’m sick of these college punks thinking Hays is one giant playground..Hammond needs to start cracking down on these losers as well..you don’t attend college in another town and assume you can break the law just because your a student ..thank god we only have a few more weeks of their bs..

  • Not normal

    The fact that after twenty years of age they still lack the judgment to make responsible decisions is all the proof you need. Don’t drink, definitely don’t serve alcohol to minors, don’t get a criminal record. If they honestly didn’t realize what they were doing was illegal, they have bigger problems than their night in jail.

    • “Minors”

      Do they lack the responsibility and decision making ability to die defending YOUR freedom? You failed to address that point in your response.

      • Anonymous

        I think almost all Americans would support an exemption in the drinking age for those enlisted in the military service, which we would hope would drink responsibly and use sound judgement.

    • Free Thinker

      They probably did know it was illegal…the point is that it shouldn’t be. Were you so wise at 20? I know I wasn’t, and if you claim otherwise you are a fool. They weren’t out driving, they weren’t hurting anyone, and we’d be more than happy to put a rifle in their hands to go to war.

  • Maybe

    Until the law is changed it is still the law. Break the law, be prepared to pay the consequence.

    • Terrible Cops

      Since when does a minor get arrested for an MIP?

  • inkslinger

    why should anyone drink at all, its just stupid, oh but wait thats all there is to do in hays, right?
    seeing that ellis county has a very high drinking per capita, something we should all be proud about . im not on a soap box here because i drank hard for 8 years and now im dying from the same thing that killed Patric Swayze, my fault, my death, BUT it could have been avoided, we put too much on “party” and not enough on responsibility.

    • http://HaysPublicNews Swayze

      Drinking alcohol is awesome, that is why so many people do it. They make arrests like this every weekend, why is it enough to make news now? And Patrick Swayze died from Pancreatic Cancer, (which is mostly caused by an inherited gene) not alcoholism. Not trying to start a war or down play cancer, just defend Swayze.

  • passin threw

    i blame that damn democrat lautenberg and his band of mad mothers for all this anyway…..afterall it’s always the woman’s fault

  • Hays Resident

    I had heard that the underage kid showed up with his own beer already in his pockets and had ran from another party that was already busted so the cops came looking for him. How many other 20 year old college kids do you know that do NOT drink? yeah not very many its Ellis County after all. Plus when I was in college a house party usually had more than 5 people there. I find it hard to believe 5 guys could draw 2 noise disturbance calls unless they were completely yelling at the top of their lungs the whole night.

    • Hays

      So the cops just pretended to get two calls from neighbors about the noise, then made up the reasons for the arrests to give them something to do? Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. After all, who wouldn’t prefer to spend hours completing the paperwork required after an arrest when they could be sitting in their cars eating donuts. It’s almost laughable…except that I see these comments so often in these posts (blame the cops!) that I almost think some people really think that way.

    • pissed person

      Clearly, since the arrest times between the two busts were over 2 hours apart. Maybe you should focus a little less on what you hear and keep to your own business.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Sounds like the HPD once again did the job the swore to do!
    Write the law makers if you dont like the law.

  • weeden

    Wow! Busting some people having a few beers in the privacy of their own home. This town has a hard on for someone having a beer.

    • Fact

      If you were cooking meth or stealing it’s ok, just don’t drink a beer.

  • inkslinger

    oh sorry Dr. Swayze. mine was caused by drinking, i guess i should have clarified that, but when i tell people the medical term they look at me all puzzled, so i just say that i have what killed patric swayze, then they realize what im talking about, guess i should have come to you for a diagnosis instead of going to the hospital 27 times in the last 8 years, at the cost of almost $480,000 plus. you could have saved me time and money. but thank you :). and since you say its not caused from drinking can i use you as an attorney when i sue the doctors for telling me that it was caused from drinking :) unless of course your not a DR. or an attorney. but again i thank you for your opinion. freedom of speech goes hand in hand with freedom of opinion LOL

  • http://HaysPublicNews Swayze

    How did you know that this is Doctor-Lawyer Swyaze?? If you read my post I did not say that alcohol didn’t cause your illness. I said that alcohol didn’t kill “The Great” Patrick Swayze, Pancreatic Cancer did. I also said that alcoholism doesn’t cause Pancreatic Cancer, but I didn’t say that it couldn’t be a contributing factor. You also only had to go to the hospital just over 3 times a year for Pancreatic Cancer? If you were my patient I would have seen you that many times in the first year after making the diagnosis. You also wouldn’t have grounds for a law suit based on someone telling you what may have caused your illness, because after all it is just their best guess. Which brings me back to my original point, drinking is awesome!

  • well

    About time they start enforcing laws that can prevent unnecessary deaths and a lot of other problems. I mean when you have cops that cant find a mexican girl when there’s snow on the ground after being told which direction she was walking in an area where large parts are flat and without obstruction and could be searched quickly leaving a few wooded areas than you got to do something like enforce this law. I think you should do both but thats just me. Heres what you shouldn’t do. you shouldnt tell the family friens or other people at party that chances are she got picked up and got a ride the short distance to town after searching the are for a couple of hours. Why? Well that coming from cops tends to make people agree and not go do there own searching. What would you do if your loved one was out in those conditions missing. Thats right you would get everyone you know out there looking immediately until you found them. Unless the Police affirm what you believe is a likely scenario already after a meager search and no real evidence.. If your not going to be productive fine but don’t be counter productive