Local Restaurant on Tax Delinquency List


Professors Restaurant, 522 E 12th St, Hays is listed on the Kansas Dept. of Revenue Delinquency page

Professors Restaurant, 522 E 12th St, Hays is listed on the Kansas Dept. of Revenue Delinquency page

Professors Steak House 522 E 12th Street in Hays is on the Kansas Department of Revenue Tax Delinquencies list.  The Restaurant is closed

Owner Mike Kisner has not responded to calls about the situation.. Click on the tax delinquency item to take a closer look at the list.

  • anonymous

    T-Boned, i could go on for days about how bad people like you suck. just keep your dumb worthless small-minded comments to yourself. situations like this are really not a laughing matter.

    • http://Hayspost.com Huh???

      What are you talking about?

  • anonymous

    Someone named “T-Boned” had an unnecessary comment earlier. must have been deleted

  • hmmm 2

    Hays post..stop deleting comments..I know this town is run like nazi Germany but people have a right to be heard..

    • Giggitty

      Open your own blog site with a comment section if you are that upset about rude and gross comments not being left up, and if you don’t like Hays leave. Simple.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Why not name every person in ellis county that was on the list… including the attorney?

    • http://hayspost.com AMERICAN

      Its public record if you know where to look

  • weeden

    That’s too bad. It is very tough competing with the chain restaurants and with Gella’s being so successful and close by it probably didn’t help either.

    • Hays

      I agree. Hays residents (and even the Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development) tend to support and promote franchises over local business owners, regardless of the sector. It’s really too bad. Personally, I’ll give my money to local mom-and-pop business owners over local franchise owners any day. If more people did the same, maybe we would be able to keep the doors open longer. Think about it…KFC versus Al’s Chickenette or JD’s Chicken; Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King or Freddy’s versus The Q and Vernie’s; Pizza Hut and Dominos versus Lomatos; Carlos O’Kelly’s versus Jaliscos or Cancun Mexican Grill; Applebee’s versus Montana Mike’s, Gella’s or Professors. In each of these, the food at the local mom-and-pop restaurant is so much better anyway!

      • Hays Resident

        The Q is ALWAYS packed… and I think would be awesome if they opened a 2nd location!

      • Tammy

        Agree on your comparison of restaurants, don’t forget the Rose Garden in the Hadley Center, awesome food.

      • Countryboy

        I was informed at Gella’s “That my kinda person was not welcome in his business. Just because I had an oil stained shirt. That had been to the uniform company and washed it was just stained. I have not been back in that place since.

  • Buck

    HaysPost! Your #1 Source for “GOTCHA!” News!

  • http://hayspost.com AMERICAN

    I’m sorry but did you people not notice that the chart shows sales tax not paid in, which means to me , when he rendered service(meals) he collected sales tax but did not send the tax payment on to the state. I’m sure this is worst then not paying your income or property taxes. That’s to bad, they had great food.

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