USD 489 ‘Special’ Board Session Tonight

Ellis County Clerk's Notarized Election documentUSD 489 will hold a “special meeting”  tonight at 6:30 in the Toepfer Board Room to discuss what to do with the results of the April 4 board of education election.

Will they accept the vote total that includes candidate Josh Waddell finishing 2nd in the balloting? County Clerk Donna Maskus declared Waddell was not a qualified elector and said it was up to the school board to decide who should serve.

This notarized document is Maskus’ report to the school board on the election.  Click on the letter to get a closer look.

The board will also have an executive session tonight to discuss non-elected personnel. The meeting is broadcast on Eagle Community Television channel 13.


  • Citizen

    I hope the school board does the right thing and accept Josh Waddell. This obviously what the people of Hays want.