SOUND OFF: What Should USD 489 do with the Election of Josh Waddell?

Josh Waddell at the USD 489 candidate forum.

Josh Waddell at the USD 489 candidate forum.

USD 489 is holding a Special Board meeting tonight to discuss what to do with the results of the April 4 board of education election.

Will they accept the vote total that includes candidate Josh Waddell finishing 2nd in the balloting?

What should they do? What would you do?  Should it matter that he didn’t register to vote in Ellis County?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • Lindsey

    I am sure Mr. Waddell is a nice man. However if he can’t take time to vote and didn’t register I don’t want him making decisions for my schools

    • Justin

      Why? Will he not do a good job? Is one’s voter info the deciding factor on who will be the best school board member? What is your profession and are you sure that you are the best person for your job? Waddell put himself in the public eye and scrutiny is part of it…let’s have a look in your closet shall we? I want the best person making decisions for my schools and I believe he is one of the best people our community can put forward! I voted for him because of who he is and what he stands for in terms of education…isn’t that what we were supposed to use as criteria?

  • http://violation just a taxpayer

    Mr Waddell is a good man for the job. We all need to accept the fact that his government teacher & parents didn’t teach him about citizenship and the right to vote. Since he moved to Ellis County and didn’t accept the responsibility of re-registering it is definitely a problem. Is he going to research other issues or is he going to go along with his peers on the school boad. The County Clerk advised him when he filed the petition and also by phone. What more molly-coddling do we need to these young people???

  • Citizen

    I hope the school board does the right thing and accepts Josh Waddell. This is obviously what the people of Hays want.

    • passin threw

      so he had a very successful campaign…you say it’s obviously what the people of Hays want….would they have voted for him if they had known he was this irresponsible?

      • 489 Supporter

        Is this still the best you have to offer? He won people!! He almost doubled the 4th place vote getter. Maybe a few people would not have voted for him due to the failure to register but come on, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. People voted for him because of who he is and what he brings to the table. Do you know him or have you ever been around him and his family? Yes, he made a mistake but spend some time around the Waddell’s and you will quickly see why the community supports him so strongly. Civic duty is the only card you nay sayers can play and it’s tiring. I wish Josh Waddell all the best despite his “irresponsibility” as you stated. What I’ve witnessed and learned of this candidate is anything but irresponsible!

        • passin threw

          i have no more proof than you do if he would be voted in again or not. i’m simply asking if he would of gotten the votes had people known. unfortunately we will never know because a revote would simply cost to much. i’m assuming we will be stuck with him until the next election

        • registered voter

          Rules are rules, and to make up an excuse as to say that he thought this was taken care of at the DMV just shows that he neglected getting this done and looked for an excuse, a poor one at that, along with trying to point the finger on the county clerk is irresponsible and juvenile. Plus, someone who wants to be in this position and has not registered to vote in the 13 or so years they have been part of Ellis Co. shows the lack of interest in his community. Why bend the rules for him

      • vote

        With out a doubt I would have voted for him!

  • Stockman

    Seems to me the County Treasure had alot to do with this. She could have said something. Alot went wrong but I do not think it is that big of deal.

    • Huh?

      What does the Treasure [sic] or Treasurer have to do with this mess?

    • vote

      It is the County Clerk who messed up, not the County Treasure. Donna Maskus put Josh’s name on the ballot knowing he was not a registered voter. Wonder how many people will question her qualifications next time she is up for re-election. I’ll have to think twice about that.

  • http://concerned concerned

    The rule is that one must be “a qualified elector” to be placed on the ballot. Though there has been discussion about what constitutes the criteria to be a “qualified elector”, Josh reported that he was a registered voter in Ellis County. The county clerk discovered that Josh was not a registered voter and left a message stating that fact. Josh reported not getting the message. The election took place and Josh received the second highest number of votes. There was a limited time for someone protest Josh’s election to the school board but the time passed with no protest. So Josh will be on the school board. I agree with Lindsey that it is sad and quite telling that Josh did not perform his civic duty and vote not only in the school board election but also in the presidential election. But that does not negate the rules. Next election people from USD 489 might consider a candidate who does not vote in elections as inappropriate for the school board and this may encourage potential candidates to perform their civic duty and vote.

  • Reader

    Waddell’s failure to register as a voter (and subsequently, one presumes, not voting himself) shows a sense of detachment and lack of attention to detail. That said, the people of Hays (and me) did elect him. He has acknowledged his error, and one hopes he has learned from this event and can move forward to be the effective board member we want.

  • hmmmm

    If the it is decided that he will not be put on the board. Then there needs to be a meeting addressing the the person who moved forward with putting his name on the ballet in teh first place. She did not pay attention to details, and should not be allowed to serve either. This is the same shoe just a different foot.


  • Runner

    IF the County Treasurer actually contacted Mr.Waddell (and not mistakenly dialed a WRONG number), then why did the CT allow his name to be on the ballot in the first place??? It’s another case of Ellis County politics at it’s best! Cover your a$$, and then cover it up!!!

    • Huh?

      It isn’t the treasurer’s duty to handle elections.

    • Hays

      The Ellis County Treasurer (Mike Billinger) had nothing to do with this. Get your facts straight, people. You should be referencing the Ellis County Clerk (Donna Maskus). Would this be the point where you “cover your a$$”?

  • Ellis County resident

    We teach our children to be accountable for their actions and know that there are consequences for negative actions. Mr. Waddell needs to set a good example and accept the consequences.


      I agreee. Mr. Waddell should accept the consequences and withdraw from being considered in which I feel they should take the 4th place finisher to fill the vacant position. He was a qualified candidate and did finish 3rd of the eligible voters

      • Hays Citizen

        I don’t believe you just give it to the 4th place finisher. If Waddell’s name wasn’t on the ballot the votes could have went to other candidates.

      • vote

        I don’t think we really want Richard Kraemer back on the board. He should have followed Alan Moore and stepped down at the end of his term. Mr. Kraemer is a “YES” man, he will only do what Dr. Roth wants (and previously Dr. Kauffman), which is not always the best for the school district. We need board members who will do what is best f for tax payers and for education. It’s obvious, from the 18% that voted, that Mr. Kramer is not who we want, if he was, then he would have been in the top 3.

    • Too Old

      What actions are you speaking of? What negative actions are you implying?

      • Ellis County resident

        Not being aware of the voting and registration rules. We teach if you don’t follow the rules there will be a negative outcome.

  • Hays Proud

    I registered to vote in 1957 and have missed a few opportunities to vote over the years. Does that mean I have failed humanity and squandered my civic responsibility?? According to the clerk he was registered to vote in another county…is that not good enough? Make his election official and let’s find something else to discuss!

  • Registration Flaw

    Mr. Waddell thought he had completed his voter registration DMV. I, too had the same thing happen to me. When I arrived to vote in November, I was surprised to learn that they did not have me registered even though I thought I took the proper steps. When I went to update my license the nice folks at the DMV gave me the voter registration papers that I filled out and submitted in the box at the DMV. I understand that Mr. Waddell had a similar experience. Maybe this flaw needs to be considered before we oust one of our local citizens took the energy, time and resources to share his talents and civic duties.

  • Hays Patron

    So not voting a time or two is more important than what Waddell has done for our community? Give me a break!!! And to the holier than thou that preach civic duty and to accept responsibility for their actions, well…who are you to preach? I’ve met this man and am proud to say that after watching him over the course of many years, there is no doubt he’s one of the top community choices for USD 489 BOE!!! I will say that he is aggressive and demands results! Maybe he scares some people because he asks a lot of questions and uses his brain and common sense! We want him and truthfully, I feel we need him! Elect Waddell!!!

  • http://HaysPostSoundOff Granny

    One of the things I remember from American Government class is that when you move, one of the things you do along with changing your address is changing your voter registration. I went along with the news media, editorials, etc. and voted for Mr. Waddell assuming he had followed all the rules as I do not know the man personally. As pointed out in another comment, if you do the action, you pay the consequences. (Reading some of the other comments, a refresher course in American Government might be need by more than Mr. Waddell.) In this case, Mr. Waddell failed to register in Ellis County, therefore, he is not qualified to serve on USD #489. He is an adult, act like one, pay the consequences. Is the County Clerk, his helicopter mother? It IS HIS responsibility to show the voters he is a person of integrity and act as one. If I had known, he wasn’t qualified, I would NOT have voted for this person. Whatever the outcome WILL affect my grandchildren who attend schools in this district. Yes, it is a bitter pill to swallow but a lesson learned by all.

    • Ellis County resident

      I agree we are not stating he is an evil person but rules regarding the election were not met. If he is allowed to be a board member they will be setting precedence by allowing future rule breakers, ( as long as the rules are not broken on purpose). This is about the values we need to be teaching our children.

  • torrie

    I don’t think his actions were deliberate, he was voted in to office by the people, I don’t think putting someone else in that position is what we voted for. I think the school board should except him as a member and if they don’t shame on them! We need new blood not the same people who are against everything or have their own agenda.

    • fred

      This country is based on rules and laws for all to live by, so you want election laws or rules set aside because the out come does not suit you? He screwed up plain and simple, does not mean he is a bad person or some of have been watching him and know he would be good… big deal! He is an adult it is HIS responsibility to know if he is abiding by the rules and he wasn’t NEXT…

      • Too Old

        Our state constitution proclaims him to be qualified! Your comments regarding a country based on rules and laws is off put as you are the one actually asking that the rules be broken! Good try! At least your soap box got used this week, congrats!

        • passin threw

          our state laws says he would of needed to be registered in the district…epic fail on his part

          • Justin

            Not according to the state constitution. Or is that not what you reference since it doesn’t suit your opinion? I realize you spend a lot of time on this site but you are less impressive with each post.

        • GHJ

          Too Old–seems to me your to old, if he was qualified we wouldn’t be having this discussion, soap box anyone,!

          • Justin

            According to the board atty in tonight’s meeting he was qualified. So, your point would now be….?

  • Wayne

    I have voted for Mr Waddell and if he is qualfield for the job USD 489 should put him on. I look at it this way. It is better then what we had in there.

  • Hays Patron

    So amusingly frustrating to read how everyone thinks that Waddell should be punished for not following the rules when he in fact did follow the rules per our state constitution!! What lesson is he supposed to learn exactly and what do all the American Government references have anything to do with a school board election? He is qualified, he is a registered voter, he finished 2nd in the election and he’s a fantastic voice for our community! Regarding civic duty, well, Waddell has been more involved In this community than most anyone I can think of and that counts more in my book! And why do I constantly read people saying he wasn’t a registered voter when he was, just not here in Ellis county. He’s registered here now according to the county clerks report. Waddell is still my choice and I’m proud to support him!

  • Classy Gal

    I do not live in Hays but I’ve been following the story. 2 of my children and 5 of my grand kids live in Hays. I am in favor of Waddell being elected and I do not believe anyone can truly say that he’s not qualified! I was told that he is a bright young man with a drive to succeed and after seeing him address the board and participate in the debate, I agree! What is the big picture? Nothing struck me as him being detached or irresponsible. Mr. Josh Waddell is maybe not perfect in all that transpired but is anyone? I’ve heard so many complaints against current board members that I can’t believe any one wants to take on such a thankless responsibility. I hope he gets the seat and I feel sorry for all the negative people who feel scorned over this situation.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I am sorry but I am crazy so don’t bother ready my posts, they are usually jibberish!!

    • Uncle Thomas

      Thank you for stealing my name and making a statement for me.

  • Glenda Schuetz

    I voted for Josh in the hopes he would listen to the parents, tax payers, and students. What bothers me is that he doesn’t seem to care about the United States, Kansas, Ellis County, the City of Hays and the people he would be representing. Not being registered at all tells me a lot. He never cared in the past about governing bodies to become registered. This is very disturbing.

    • Justin

      Glenda, he has been a registered voter in Kansas since 1994 according to info from the county clerk. You need to pay attention to the facts and to say that he doesn’t care about our community might be the most ridiculous statement! Read before you type!

      • rocket scientist

        If he cares as much as you claim why has he not voted in the many years he’s been such a great asset to our community?

        • Justin

          You’re right, the only way to care is to vote…no other way to show it, right?? So, only 18% of citizens care about our community since that was the voter turnout??? Are you actually saying that the remaining 82% of hays residents don’t care because they didn’t vote in the last election?? Kind of expected better reasoning from a rocket scientist!! Now you have insulted most of the town and all because one person didn’t vote as often as YOU would prefer. I’m glad the board put this issue to bed…