Life With Pets Episode 3

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  • inkslinger

    dr. mosier is the best vet in hays, and probably the world. he has been my vet since 1977 and i would let him work on me, he is by all means, the kindest gentlest person in the world, as an adult i have had two beautiful huskies and Dr. Mosier knew when it was time for them to go one was 13 and the other was 12, he let me stay with them after their death for as long as I needed to, he has came to his office at 3am because one of my kittens was playing and ran into a door jam and knocked its self out, i thought he had died , and Dr Mosier said there would be no charge. there should be a statue of Dr. Mosier put up when he retires, that’s if we let him retire LOL