Conceal & Carry at FHSU. What will the Regents do?


conceal carry

Gov. Sam Brownback has signed into law a bill that loosens restrictions on carrying concealed weapons into public buildings. Will there be guns on the Fort Hays State campus?  In February, the FHSU Student Government Association approved a resolution opposing any measure that would allow concealed carry weapons on campus.

Kent Steward, Director of University Relations at FHSU told Eagle News, “The new law is going to affect us but we don’t know how yet. It will be determined at the Regent level.”

The law, which takes effect July 1, permits universities, community colleges and technical colleges to prohibit concealed guns in their buildings for another four years, but they have to show that they have adequate security in their buildings on campus.

Some state education officials have expressed strong opposition to allowing concealed weapons on campuses. If the regents intend to maintain the no-guns policy for state universities indefinitely, they’d have to lobby lawmakers to rewrite the law. The Kansas Board of Regents is reportedly studying both sides of the important and controversial issue.

  • Tyler Clark

    Just to set a few things straight at the time of the vote taken by SGA there were 80 students in attendance who supported concealed carry who told SGA not to pass their poorly researched resolution (I have photos if the Post would like them). FHSU will never be able to implement security measures that are better than concealed carry policies. Currently all students are invited to sign a petition on campus in support of allowing carry on campus in August, this has been prepared by students for concealed carry. The best thing that the Regents can do for us is to allow concealed carry on campus to protect our students and Constitutional Rights.

    • Chris

      This is exactly what needs to not be done. If a gunman comes into a classroom, everyone in the class can pull out their concealed gun and start blasting away. Collateral damage? Eh, that’s no problem, as long as everyone’s constitutional rights are upheld. And what about the police/campus security responding to this? With some many guns being brandished, how will they know who the ‘bad guy’ is? And don’t give me the tired response of “you have to go through training to get a concealed carry permit.” I guarantee you that you are less trained than a NYPD officer, and a report in TIMES magazine that came out in January stated that NYPD officers that were engaged in gunfights only hit their targets 18% of the time.

      Guns do NOT need to be in places of education, and I would bet that the majority of students and their parents feel this way. No matter what you may think, having a gun presence does not make a place feel more safe, and definitely is not conducive to learning. You may feel like you have a right to carry your gun on campus, but we, as students and educators, have a right to feel safe, and the presence of guns on campus absolutely infringes on this.

      I have no problems with security guards/metal detectors on campus or in schools. However, I think most of us would be a little unsettled sitting next to a classmate who was carrying a gun; especially when we had seen that same classmate belligerently drunk or high as a kite the previous weekend. I believe my opinion would be echoed by many students and educators on campus, and by parents that send their children there.

      You can fight for your right to carry your metal pacifier, but I’m dang sure going to fight for my right to feel safe and secure in a place of education.

    • Other Chris

      The concealed carry class is a joke 25 rounds at a maximum distance of 10 yards I could point a handgun in the general direction without looking and pass. You only have to take the shooting test once in your lifetime. A police officer must qualify every year at a maximum of 25 yards, 50 round test. Most have some kind of active shooter training as well; and has shot thousands of rounds in there career. But a 19 year old college student with unknown and unproven shooting and decision making is going to protect me? I’m sure some are perfectly capable, but this is no way of knowing is there? concealed carry class doesn’t exactly weed out the responsible gun owners from the ones who passed out on the sidewalk in front of the HPC the night before does it. I think I would feel safer without armed students. How does carrying a gun onto campus protect constitutional rights?

      • jo

        obviously your not very educated because you have to be at lest 21 to buy a hand gun, buy ammuntion for said hand gun and take the concealed carry class. Also there are provisions in the concealed carry law that make it illegal to carry while under the infulence. I feel safer knowing I can Protect my self if need be. Carrying a gun is my constitutional right. I suggest that you know what your talking about before you rant.

        • AMERICAN

          I say who needs conceal and carry, quit being pu$$ies and strap then on the outside like the wild west, then no will start $hit in the first place. Problem is you guys all want to be the hero of the day ,pulling out your secret hidden weapon and saving the day, but not brave enough to show it up front ,to say don’t $rew with me buddy before -rap starts

        • Chris2

          First off, I own handguns and guns and am not some liberal nut. But you missed my point, I do not trust some college age students enough to make life and death decisions. Some are responsible some are not, a pathetic concealed carry class doesn’t weed them out. Just look at the arrest log on the Hays Post look at the ages of most of the people. Secondly I think you need to go back to High School and take a civics class. Second amendment is the right to own and bear arms, that is constitutionally protected. But there are laws and regulations on gun ownership, Try carrying a gun into a police department,court house, and tell them its OK I’m exercising my constitutional right. Concealed Carry is a LAW not a constitutional protection. Even in the Wild West days cities had laws banning guns in town or establishments.

        • Re: Education

          *Handgun (one word)

          Plus, a lot of missing punctuation.

  • To the not very smart ones

    Good to know all the gangsters,crooks and illegal carriers will obey the rules about carrying in schools! Do you think they care about the rules hell no they will still carry bet you feel safe sitting beside a classmate that went off the deep end and is going to take your life! At that point I bet you wished someone, anyone would pull out their legal gun and save your life but oh no you are against that! Hope this never happens but if you don’t allow concealed then they will never be able to save your life!

    • Chris

      I’ve spent years on the FHSU campus and haven’t ever had a class with a gangster, thug, or crook. And I totally forgot that those ‘legal’ carriers are all angels. They would never go off the deep end, never do anything bad, and never use their firearm in an intimidating or illegal way!

      • right, hahaha

        you should probably go to your classes if you have never had a class with a gangster, thug, or crook, bet you have. the legal carriers may not be angels, but they dont have a criminal record, and if they do use their firearm in an intimidating or illegal way, they would loose their permit. remember, these are concealed permits, we dont want you to know that we have a gun.

        • Chris

          Come with me back to KC. I’ll show you what a thug looks like.

  • know what you talk about

    @ chris, do you know how many people you pass every day that has a gun on them? the whole point of cc is so nobody knows that you have a gun. Statisticaly, by the time the police/security got on scene the gunman would be dead because as soon as they have a hint of resistance they turn the gun on themselves. i had a friend that made a lot of guarantees like “I guarantee you that you are less trained than a NYPD officer”. only think i know is that most people that heard his guarantees thought he was not smart. dont make assumtions, you may be proven wrong too many times. im not saying that guns NEED to be in classrooms, but im not going to guarantee they DONT. not sure i would bet that most students and parents dont want them either, especially in KS. @other chris, here is the only guarantee on this post that can be just that, a guarantee, there will not be any 19 year old with a cc permit. go to the kansas AG website and see why.

  • Lance Sauer

    I’m pretty sure rapists want FHSU to remain a gun free zone.

  • Lance Sauer

    Any evidence that gun free zones stop criminals?

    • I carry & Im glad.

      Yes- Newtown.

  • I carry & Im glad.

    I see some valid points in these comments from both sides. First, you must be 21 to posess a handgun, and second not have any domestic or felony record. The point about the possibility of someone carring who is in the habit of getting wasted frequently does concern me, however after seeing how the crime seems to be increasing in Hays lately- robberies, home invasions,rapes, etc I have said before If I had a daughter attending FHSU, you can bet she would have a CCW. after seeing what wanders around out by campus and downtown at night,
    why wouldnt you want to protect yourself?
    Gun free zones protect people. SERIOUSLY??? I think Newtown prettymuch proved that to be a hoax-no matter what your liberal professors have told you.
    I have been in law enforcement and other related fields for years- Ive seen the good & the bad in people, and was very pleased when Kansas finally approved CCW.
    In closing, yes , If you’re responsible enough to get it , and take extra traing to get the needed skills to proficiently and legally utililize the right if it comes to that, the by all means go for it.
    I would be glad my son or daughter had you in class with them.

  • inkslinger

    was that a door slamming or just Chris’s closed mind

    • Buck

      No, that was your butt getting slammed.