ACLU Protests Creationism Group’s Kansas Event

ACLUThe American Civil Liberties Union is objecting to a southwest Kansas district’s plans to allow a pro-creationism group into its schools to talk to students about dinosaurs.

Members of the Creation Truth Foundation are to speak next week during student assemblies in Hugoton schools and in the evening at public gatherings. The ACLU said Friday it wants the district to call off the school assemblies.

Foundation instructor Matt Miles says creationism would only be discussed during events conducted outside the school day.

Superintendent Mark Crawford says he isn’t canceling the assemblies. He says the group won’t be allowed to promote the evening events during the school events.

But ACLU attorney Doug Bonney says the chance for constitutional violations is high, given the Oklahoma-based foundation’s mission of promoting Christianity.

  • bluekansas

    Freedom of religion includes

    Freedom from religion!

  • bluekansas

    Religious organazations in the usa spend $390.000.000

    annually lobbying government.

    where is the church and state separation?

    Is this charitable use of funds?

    We pay subsidizing their $71 billion tax exemption.

    something is very wrong here.

  • bluekansas

    Forcing children into religion is child abuse, Religions has to be taught , it’s not natural

  • Other Chris

    The earth isn’t 4,000 years old, we didn’t ride dinosaurs, or even live in the same ,era, period, epoch as dinosaurs. Any such creationism talk being discussed as education doesn’t belong in schools. Much less using a creationism to evangelize students their form of Christianity and their regressive scientific thinking.