SOUND OFF: Roberts & Moran Vote Against Expanded Gun Background Checks. Agree or Disagree?

U.S. Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran haveHand gun voted against gun legislation that would have expanded background checks and other restrictions.

The proposal to expand background checks to sales at guns shows and online received a majority of votes in the Senate — 54-46 — but failed  to get the required 60 votes needed to advance.

Agree with our Kansas Senators or Disagree?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Gus

    What vote did you expect from them? They rarely stray from what they are told and paid to do.

    • Open mind

      Haha. No kidding. “I pledge allegiance to the Koch brothers of Kansas”. Why when 86 – 90% of the people want it (depending on the pole u look at) and it doesn’t pass? Even with a majority if votes. WTF? What is happening to this country? The people’s voice no longer matters. Special interest groups have killed democracy.

  • Stockman

    Only 4% of the country wanted this anyway so the vote went the way the people wanted.

  • hmmmm

    I agree with this, as teh people who are doing most of the horrific crimes with guns, are probably not going to pocess a gun legaly anyway, so what good does that background check do anyway.


    • Open mind

      That’s not the point. Point is 54 out of 100 senators votes yes. Is that not a majority anymore? I guess I need to go back to school and retake some math classes. Guess I might need to retake a government class as well… Apparently I was misled in the majority rules thing.

      • todd

        Can YouTell Me Who Changed The Senate Rules Requiring 60 VOtes? Excuse TheCapital Letters, ItHappensAutomatically On MyPhone

    • fred

      Exactly Hmmmm, stop signs don’t stop car wrecks, what good do they do anyway right!

  • barb

    They are both gutless wonders in my book,how they can sleep at nite after killing those little kids again in new town just makes me sick at heart to think that anyone would vote for these two duds.

    • http://hasyspost RD

      So do we now need to do a background check on the purchase of pressure cookers?
      I do not believe that Roberts & Moran were even in Newtown at the time of this horrific crime.

    • weeden

      This law would not of prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy. Please unwrap yourself from those victims.

  • Medic

    Hats off to Moran and Roberts for standing up for the Constitution when so many politicians are willing to tear it down and throw it aside.

    Background check laws that were proposed would have done nothing to prevent illegal use of a firearm. Virtually all mass shooters have had mental health issues and often on medications for those issues. Get those medical records opened up so that the SMALL percentage of those with mental issues who may actually pose a threat are identified. Existing laws about straw purchaser and felons possessing and trying to purchase weapons need to be prosecuted. Recently during Congressional hearing I watched a large city police chief state he wasn’t going to “waste time and manpower” investigating criminals who attempt and are denied a firearm when stopped by existing background checks.

  • Pass

    This stupid Bill did not pass because it would of done nothing to stop the recent massacres, which according to the President was the purpose of these anti gun bills!

  • Really?

    One word: AGREE

  • kansan forever

    All this bill amounted to was a feel good knee-jerk reaction. It would make no difference in stopping crime. None. They don’t prosecute on the laws we have already so why add more to the list? I think they made the right decision.

  • Pfonz

    Proud to live in the great state of Kansas!!!!!


      NOT !!!!!!!!!!

  • passin_threw

    Hate to say it but I agree with u lance

  • Pilgrim

    Violent mentally unstable people will find a weapon to harm people, more people survive attacks when a gun is not involved. Sadly without universal background gun checks terrorist and criminals have a free pass to obtain weapons. Yes, Moran and Roberts represent a well funded minority view.

  • Gun Nut

    As a gun wielding redneck, member of the NRA, avid hunter and law abiding citizen, I would have no problem taking a background check. I have nothing to hide. I have done nothing that will prevent me from owning a gun. All the checks I have done have gone through without a hitch. I don’t understand why “decent American’s” get all worked up over these checks. I want the government to do everything they can to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. If that means some inconvenience for me, that’s fine. A few days wait for a gun is a VERY small price to pay if it saves even one life. I am willing to sacrifice much more to keep guns in responsible hands.