Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Another Drug Arrest

Emilo PenaA 33-year old Hays Man remains in custody today following a traffic stop and DUI arrest on Wednesday in the 500 block of Pine Street.

According to Police Lt. Brandon Wright, “After Emilio Pena’s  arrest, the standard inventory of the vehicle was completed and we located a small amount of marijuana, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia, for which Pena was also charged.

Pena is being held on $5500 bond for Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana , Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and DUI”

  • yikes

    There are ten of these arrests every week. why’s this poor guy get a story and a picture? jeez

    • Gus

      If there are ten each week why aren’t we seeing all their pictures? Just sayin.

    • TD

      “poor guy”?

    • hmmmm

      That has NOTHING to do with it. How about the couple that was plastered all over the media that was arrested in the local motel. They were WHITE. So before you start making idiotic comments like that you may want to check your facts.


    • http://hasyspost RD

      Must be a liberal democrat, quick to pitch the race card!

      • Sad

        Must be a conservative republican, quick to deny the existence of racism

    • http://hayspost Confused???

      poor guy? really until he sells the dope to your kids and they end up being drug addicts and eithier dying or going to prison where you can visit them on Sundays for 2 hours. But I agree Poor guy?…………… sounds alittle strange to me but if you want that type of life and weekly visits to see your kids hey stand by of your opinion of poor guy

  • concerned citizen

    i think its cause he is hispanic they must be racist

  • hmmm 2

    You people are idiots.. I guess you didn’t read the story..traffic stop.!! He caused this himself..not the color of his skin.. should the police have said.. so sorry sir., since you’re brown skinned..I am returning your meth.. have a good day and tell all your friends..

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      Ha Ha Ha Ha! That is awesome.

    • Just a thought

      Blaaah ha ha ha that’s great .

  • passin_threw

    Crap now I agree with crista

  • Amazed

    well, i’m just impressed they actually stumbled across something in a traffic stop rather than their normal method, last weeks failure to appear catches new drug case turned ellis countys new CI.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT..complete with ci number before even thru general arrest process…wondering how come they didnt attach his fingerprints to the article as well? CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTs. I truly do believe ellis county has more Confidential Informants per capita than the remainder of the entire state of kansas has altogether! seriously!!!!