State Employees Earn Over $13 Million In Overtime

The state of Kansas spent more than $13 million in overtime last year, and that does not include employees at universities.

Data provided by the state shows most of the overtime was paid to employees at Kansas’ mental health and correctional facilities. Those employees made $6.2 million in overtime last year.

The Topeka Capital-Journalkansas.jpg filed an open records request for the overtime information for the 2012 calendar year.

Corrections and state hospital officials say most of the overtime is the result of an inability to fill positions at the facilities, which operate 24 hours a day.

Officials with the corrections and mental health departments say overtime was reduced last year at several of the facilities.

  • http://hayspost japherd

    Bulletin/ Kansas Regent schools doesn’t pay overtime/ It’s called shift manipulation/ Any time worked over 40 hours has to be taken off during the next pay period/ That policy doesn’t really work because of having to work to clean up from the last event/

  • Uncle Thomas

    If you can not recruit, it may be time to evaluate the pay!


      Tea party and conservatives don’t want to pay any more in taxes for that. Remember they think government workers are all overpaid now. You teachers, firemen, cops, highway workers, food inspectors, oil well inspectors, highway patrol, fhsu workers, etc. etc. are all paid to munch. Now that you are mad at me remember this next time you vote, tea party conservatives hate you

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        omg now we’re paying them to munch???? i think there are labor laws against that

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          yep, it’s called being a tea party member , “tax enough already”

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            everyone take note…at 9:02 pm on april 18th american was sober enough to make a post without a single typo


    I wish I still drank, then I’d be drunk and stupid like tea party members