SOUND OFF: Drug Tests for Welfare Assistance. Do you agree?

Drug Test 001A new law signed by Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday requires a Kansas welfare agency to test residents seeking cash assistance if there is a reasonable suspicion they are using drugs. Do you agree with idea? Should the law have gone further?  Tell us what you think in the comments section below.




  • Taxpayer

    It is about time. But c’mon man it does Not go far enough

    • Really?

      Doesn’t go far enough? Test them for genetic defects or what? Yikes.

      • Working Mom

        I agree there should be drug testing for state assistance. Everyone should be tested, not just the suspected users. I agree with helping them get treatment, but I do not agree that we give them job skill training. If we give the drug users job skill training, then we should offer job skill training to non-drug using recipients. I would hate for parents to start using drugs in order to get free job skill training!

        • Really?

          Wow your not a very supportive person. State jobs skill training amounts to cleaning bathrooms as a custodian. They aren’t going to be sending these people to MIT to get their phd in physics. Yes, if the person who tests positive has children, mind you the childs benefits will be cut as well. Want to see starving kids too? Give them some training if they need it. Not all people are born and raised in small county ks America. A lot of people on welfare come from already poor communities who have had little if any access to education(good education). The US has developed a “blame to poor” mantality. “It’s their fault my taxes are high so screw them” type of attitude. Society as a whole is generally blame for an increasing poor population. The Republican Party is to blame as well. Soon their wont be a worker in kansas who has any rights. Btw. Trickle down economics does not work. Corporations do hire new people whe. They get massive tax breaks, however, those people live in china, Taiwan and India. Want to fix the poor problem? Stop givin tax encentices to corp. who export jobs overseas!

          • Working Mom

            First off, I’m very supportive, I have worked all my life and paid my taxes that support state assistance. (I’m not saying I “blame” them for my taxes being high). Secondly, there is nothing wrong with cleaning bathrooms as a custodian. Some people choose to do that for a living, and others are happy with any job they can get. All I’m saying is do not reward the ones that use drugs. The new law does not state that benefits will be cut. So the children will not starve. Treat all recipients equally.

  • Stockman

    Hell Yes but would like to see them tested to get anything just like most people are subject to random test at their jobs.

    • Really?

      It doesn’t bother me but from a few things I’ve read it sounds like its a waste of money.
      I’m not opposed to it I’m just interested in the results of it. That they setup training and treatment for the individual testing positive, is a real positive thing in my opinion. Treat the sickness and the individual. This could be a positive thing out there for some people who may really need help.

  • hmmmm

    If they are going to do this, I feel it needs to be required, not if they only suspect the use of drugs. All this is going to do is open a can of worms for future law suites, as someone is going to feel it is race, gender related, profiling, etc…. Then the state is going to be spending money on court cost.


    • Ashley

      I agree! What exactly is “reasonable suspicion”? Should be interesting…

    • interesting.

      I could see that too. I could also see people suing for false positives. Like popey seeds will show a person positive for opiates. This could be a can of worms just waiting to be unleased. Not to mention if national groups get in on it like the ACLU or similar groups.

  • countryboy

    This is such BS they should be ALL be tested. I have to be tested to work at my job so the Government can take the Taxes out to pay these people. I’m tired of busting my A$$ so others can set on their A$$es and do nothing. If they test positive they loose there benefits for Two Years. You get busted for a DUI you loose your DL for two years so whats the difference

    • countryboy

      I posted this last night when I seen it on Hays Post Last Night. Thought I would put on this feed also. I feel the money they keep from not giving to the ones that FAIL the test will be more than enough to off set the cost of the test.

      • Chris

        The problem with this is that you ‘feel’ like it would be enough to offset the cost. I guarantee you, if everyone was tested, this would be very expensive. The cost of the materials for the test, the lab work for the test, paying the lab tech, the nurse, and whoever else is involved would be a very expensive process. And who is going to be footing that bill? The taxpayers of course. So, in essence, more of the money(as you so eloquently put it) bust your a$$ off for, is going to pay for things related to welfare.

        • Countryboy

          No the money that is not given to the ones that don’t pass will be put into a fund to pay for the testing. Your Tax money is already out there.

  • Cal

    Failed test = suspended benefits for life. I’m sick of helping those who do not help themselves.

  • Gomer

    Testing only applies to TANF recipients, SNAP(food stamps) recipients are free to continue their addictions. Stupid idea altogether, it will ultimately fail.

  • Better idea

    Unless a person is physically or mentally incapable of caring for himself or herself, there should be no such thing as any type of welfare. Sorry to all you bleeding hearts out there, but if you are to lazy to do whatever job is available, go rot on the streets. I realize that this is not the largest waste if money in the government, but nonetheless it is a waste. Every aspect if the nanny state should be looked at and anything that is not constitutional should be eliminated. That goes for domestic spending, foreign aid, military, civilian. EVERYTHING!