Mall Management: Police Did the Right Thing During Saturday’s Hoax

“The explosive threat hoax on Saturday at the Mall was timely,” according to Peter Jirous, Regional Property Manager with the Dial Companies in Omaha.Mall
Dial Property Management is responsible for the Mall in Hays.

When asked about security cameras at the Mall that might have helped catch someone responsible for the hoax, Jirous said, “The security plan at the Mall is not public information.”

He did say that he was very pleased with how the situation was handled on Saturday. “There was a policeman already in the Mall that day,” he told Eagle News. “He made the call not to evacuate and police did a good job of communicating to mall tenants and staff. We already have a security manual and had recently updated it and had attended a Transportation Security Administration meeting last week. Our mall manager had been updated on the security manual changes. She was out of town but was in communication with staff and did a fine job.”

According to a media release from Hays Police, a juvenile notified a Hays Police Officer, who was at The Mall, that there was a message in the men’s bathroom about an explosive device. Units from the Hays Police Department and the Hays Fire Department responded to The Mall. Staff for The Mall was notified. A search of The Mall was completed and no suspicious items were located. Evidence at this time indicates that this was a prank.

  • Reaper

    They should have still taken better precautions. That mall was full of people that day and most were women and children. There is no excuse for not calmly removing all of the civilians from the Mall. There is no way in hell the police search the entire Mall for a bomb. I was told by people that were there that they were just walking around or standing around. If something would have happened the police department and the Mall would be held responsible. SMH!

  • not really

    They did the right thing not evacuating because nothing blew up……but if there would have been a explosion and people would have got injuried or killed chances are the police would have been held liable.

  • Gomer

    Wow, they have a SECURITY MANUAL! I feel so much safer now.

  • Shannon

    If they would have evacuated the mall and nothing would have happened, then everyone would be complaining that the mall was evacuated for nothing.

    Maybe instead of throwing low blows at the police, we should be more concerned about the idiot who posted the message about the bomb.

    • TD

      Amen Shannon!

  • me

    I think that everyone in the mall should been evacuated. you never no what will happen. if there was a bomb there would of been a lot of people injured. I also heard that the police were just walking around. You can not trust anything that goes on now.

  • hmmmmm

    From what I heard, it said the bomb is going to blow up in 2-3 minutes when they found the note. There is no way they could have evacuated everyone in that period of time, and if they would have tried it would have been chaos. Good Job Hays PD for thinking logical.

  • Uncle Thomas

    “From what I heard, it said the bomb is going to blow up in 2-3 minutes when they found the note…” They would not have known how long the note had been present. They could not have searched an establishment that size thoroughly in 2 to 3 hours. Again The Mall could install HD CCTV system which could have been referenced/evaluated in 2-3 minutes. Nah that would cost money…

  • inkslinger

    The hays “mall” is a joke anyway, outdated, raze the whole thing and build hays a real mall so we can have a better place to shop. oh but wait, we have walmart, SMH. but i guess that would take money, water, and we would have to get rid of the “no competition” clause that hays gave walmart when they built here, or is that just a rumor, SMH, ever wonder what the real reason is behind why we do not have a Target or K-mart again, HMMMMMM they say its because we dont have the demographics for another store, BULL STUFF, hays is a major hub on interstate, nothing past hays going west for a long time. thank you for reading my rant, have a good day