Local Wage Rules Out July 1

Cities and counties in Kansas will be barred from requiring private contractors to pay union-scale wages on public projects, starting in July.House-under-construction

Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill into law Tuesday to prohibit local governments from requiring private firms to pay employees more than the federal minimum wage for work on public contracts.

The legislation was aimed at local policies requiring contractors to pay prevailing wages. The federal Department of Labor sets those rates, and critics say they’re often based on union scales.

Wyandotte County has a prevailing wage policy that will be repealed by the new law.

Brownback’s fellow Republicans said such a law would lower the cost of public projects. Democrats said prevailing wage policies don’t boost costs and ensure workers earn a decent living.

  • just u wait

    I’ll make this claim right now and i’m 99% sure i’ll be right. This Kansas Gov. is quickly and consistently stripping workers rights in this state. Beleive me when I say 10 years from now (if things keep heading the way they are) there won’t be a livable wage in KS. The Koch brothers and their pupet goverment will strip every worker right on the books until they can pay their employees a less than-livable wage. It’s already happening and it’s going to get worse.
    If you want a educated and livable wage well I suggest you move out of KS as soon as you can.

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