KHAZ Country Music News: Tim McGraw Has Grown Up Right Along with His Daughters

khaz tim mcgraw 20121031Country fans have watched Tim McGraw and Faith Hill‘s romance since it first began in the mid-’90s, so it may be hard to believe their oldest daughter, 15-year-old Gracie, is a high school sophomore and is is already looking at colleges. 

Tim admits his daughters have had just as big an impact on his personal growth as he’s had on theirs.  He tells ABC News Radio, “When they’re younger, You don’t think about ’em getting older so much, and you don’t think you could ever imagine it. But, you know, it’s a growing process that you go through as well as a parent. You grow right along with ’em.”

Now that his kids are getting ready to leave the nest in the next few years, Tim feels his daughters are ready to face the world.  “The best you can hope for is you make ’em strong,” he says. “You make ’em confident. You make ’em self-assured, and that’s what you hope. Especially young women. You want ’em to have all those attributes, and I think our girls are really well-adjusted girls.”

Tim and Faith wrap up their short-term residency at the Venetian in Las Vegas on April 27. Tim launches his Two Lanes of Freedom tour May 2 in Birmingham, AL.

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