Letters to Hays Post/Trash at Sports Complex


Beer cans all over at sports complex

Yesterday (Saturday)E-mail my little girl had a soccer game at the sports complex and when we drove into parking lot at 1pm there were beer cans scattered throughout the parking lot. In my opinion alcohol should not be allowed at the complex. This is all left behind from softball teams. We again are setting poor examples our children.

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    The Sports complex was built to attract Softball tournaments to Hays with the promise of bringing in outside revenue to the community. Drinking beer and playing softball seem to go hand in hand. Ban beer sales and watch the sports complex turn into a barren vacant lot. I am not advocating irresponsible alcohol consumption, but it is softball and the concessions sold during softball that create revenue. I suggest organizing a volunteer group to pick up the aluminum cans and then recycle them.

  • Responsibility

    Arthur, I agree with you that it is important to allow these people to play at the complex. But I strongly disagree that we need to organize a volunteer group to pick up after them. These people are old enough to drink beer, which means they are adults, and they should be able to pick up their beer cans. They do not need us following them around like a parent after a two year-old.

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      I appreciate the civil tone in which you articulated your thoughts. I was merely offering the author of the opinion a constructive suggestion to reasonably address her grievance. I am in agreement with you that the same adults who consume the beer should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. It is shameful that some people behave so slovenly.

  • inkslinger

    do we not have a littering law in hays? not that i think that law enforcement should be involved in everything BUT, these people are playing softball, drinking beer, THEN driving home or to the nearest bar to further their drinking, a few tickets for littering, I bet they would think twice about throwing their cans around. But i guess this is the mentality of these drinkers that dont give a damn.

  • Maybe

    Maybe the softball team members can pick up the trash…..

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