Teen Arrested After Class Stabbing


(AP) — A Salina middle school student has been arrested after authorities say he stabbed another boy with an awl during a class.

Lt. Scott Siemsen of the Salina Police Department says the 13-year-old boy is accused of causing a puncture wound when he stabbed the other boy’s shoulder with the awl during a technology class at South Middle School. The boy’s wound was bandaged by the school nurse. An awl is a pointed spike that can be used for such things as poking holes into leather.

The incident was not preceded by any argument or confrontation between the boys.

Siemsen says the boy accused of stabbing the other student is being held at the Saline County Juvenile Detention Center.

  • http://hasyspost RD

    Sounds like the boys had an awl-tercation that turned violent….I hope that the injured boy will be awlright.

    • Heh.


      • http://hasyspost RD

        We awl need to work together to end this awl-full type of violence.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Have you spent too much time in the lab…KR?

  • inkslinger

    cant we awl just get along

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    I am in Awl of the situation.