Huelskamp Earns “True Son of Liberty” Award

Huelskamp Award

-Congressman Tim Huelskamp recently addressed the monthly meeting of the Patriots Freedom Alliance (PFA), the local Tea Party organization for Hutchinson and the surrounding area. Following his remarks to the group’s members, PFA leaders presented Congressman Huelskamp with the “True Son of Liberty” Award bestowed upon him by the “Patriot Coalition,” a national Tea Party group.

The Tea Party activists’ recognition of Rep. Huelskamp’s steadfast support of conservative principles was memorialized in a certificate that says he earned their appreciation “For upholding [his] oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States, for consistently voting against attacks on the Bill of Rights, for defending free-market principles and fiscal responsibility, and consistently demonstrating the admirable character traits of a true son of liberty in the face of ongoing intolerable acts.”
Congressman Huelskamp released the following statement:

“The Patriots Freedom Alliance is among the most effective Tea Party organizations in Kansas and the nation. I am honored to accept the True Son of Liberty Award and it is my privilege to represent the people of Kansas’ Big First District and champion our conservative principles on Capitol Hill.”

The Patriot Freedom Alliance website says Congressman Huelskamp “holds to his principles and respects his voters” and dubs him “One of Washington’s Ten Toughest Politicians.”

  • Ephraim

    Can we form a group and give him “Kansas’ Biggest Idiot Award”

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      Don’t count on Hays Post to publish anything other than pro-Brownback, Huelskamp, Moran, Couture-Lovelady, Boldra, Harbin, Drees, et al.

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        Those are our elected officials. They make news This site reports news. Hays Daily charges for the ink they print. This site is free and is fun. Who do you want to read about????

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    the tea tastes like pea in kansas!

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      If you don’t like it here, you can always move to kolorado or kalifornia

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        Tea party’s are for little girls

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        NO If we don’t like it here , we’ll -itch about the nuts ,deft ,dumb and stupid people the tea baggers voted in


    looks like Timmy ‘s conservative principal’s include taking almost $1700,000.00 in crop supsidies from us hard working Americans, I’d rather share my tax money with a poor person then giving it to a rich millionaire farmer like tim