How to Get to Those Eastside Vine Street Businesses

vine street construction mapFollowing a break during Tuesday’s crazy weather, workers are back on the Vine Street reconstruction job between 13th and 22nd Streets in Hays.

The west-side southbound lanes, along with the center turn lane, are closed.  Traffic is re-directed to the east side of Vine with one lane in each direction.  Left turns are prohibited in the construction zone.

Some access points to businesses on the west side of Vine Street are closed, requiring use of alternate access from side streets, alleys, and across adjacent properties.

Assistant Public Works Director John Braun expects this first phase of construction to last until late May.

  • Idiots

    I wish they would set a cop in the Dillions parking lot to tickets all the idiots headed sound that are making left hand turns into the Dillions parking lot……that is gettting really annoying!!!!!

  • curious george

    Fantastic Map idea… ty Becky & Hays Post!