County Clerk Discusses USD 489 Election

Donna MaskusEllis County Clerk Donna Maskus is the county election official. She has worked in the clerk’s office for 30 years. Earlier this week she talked with Eagle News about the USD 489 school board election and candidate Josh Waddell. This is what she said.

“We had a candidate that ran for USD 489. The candidate….. early on I had realized he was not registered to vote. I gave him a call and he was not there. I did leave a message. I have always checked those over the years.

I did take it to heart that it did get by me. But we put him on the ballot. He was not a qualified elector of that school district and he needed to be.

So tonight (Monday) through the secretary of state and through county council, I have gone through both of those.

They said that the canvass needs to be conducted like it is and whoever received the most votes that’s how I need to certify it and so that is what I will do.

The question was that he is not a qualified elector to sign the oath of office but it will be up to USD 489 to make the decision from here on. But I tell you this office is going to handle anybody that wants to be a candidate and I hope we have a lot of people that are interested in future elections but the voter registration will be checked first of all. There are some offices that require you to be an elector and there are some that aren’t but everyone will be checked in this office.”

For more on the story,  watch Eagle Community Television’s local news with Becky Kiser on Eagle Channel 14 and 614 tonight at 6 and 10 p.m.

  • Satisfied

    Thank you Ms. Maska, you did your job and I am satisfied!

    • Fact

      Not satisfied. I know there is always follow up calls, can’t rely on a answering machine.

      • Pride

        In regards to your post “Satisfied”, what are you satisfied about? That a supposed message was left and that no follow ups were performed? Did you know that Donna Maskus even advised the candidate that he didn’t need to be a registered voter? So you are “satisfied” that never during any of the other times that the candidate visisted that office or called in that he was ever informed of this and that when it did come to light he was improperly advised? Here is what I want to know…When was the message left if she is so positive that she actually left one? Why were no follow ups performed? Why was the candidate given the advice that voter registration didn’t matter since it was a school board election? So you are satisfied with the fact that she may have left a message…? The candidate Josh Waddell has been drug through the mud for not voting in past elections and for not knowing he wasn’t registered but you stand by the county clerk who had an appointed job to do. All of this sounds pretty fishy and I find it incredibly difficult to believe that if the candidate was informed that he wouldn’t of had it taken care of!!! She is now trying to make a call on whether or not he is a qualified elector when she didn’t even know the requirements for being on the ballot to begin with…I am sickened by all the people who take the stance that the county clerk is off the hook but let’s throw the candidate under the bus!!!!!

  • Reality Check

    It’s amazing how many people are right on this subject! Or think they’re right?
    Who’s fault is it? It’s the fault of a number of people involved obviously!
    Waddell assumed he was a registered voter, this much has been stated by him. He would have known the was not if he would have voted in the most recent election. Fault-Waddell
    He wasn’t a registered voter when he filed. Filing checked by county clerk, inform him or remove him from the ballot. Fault-County Clerks office
    Lack of Adult responsibility? Fault-Waddell?
    Fact is, no matter how great of a person Josh Waddell is, he made a mistake! Oversight? Assumption? Did he do it intentionally? Hell no! Anyone that spends the time, effort and money on a campaign, and even steps to the plate interested in this position would never do something like this intentionally! Call it what you want, but I for one, know for a fact that I am a registered voter. I also know my social security number, my employer ID number, my kids birthdays, my anniversary, etc, etc, etc…..all of the things I as a responsible adult am responsible for!
    County Clerk-did she contact Mr. Waddell? He said/she said, blah blah blah!
    The ball was dropped more than once and it’s time to make some serious decisions on the part of the USD 489 board, the County Clerks office and election officials to make sure that an oversight like this never happens again! It NEVER should have happened in the first place!
    Quit making excuses and blaming everyone else and make something happen.

  • Enough

    Waddell accepts responsibility and county clerk doesn’t. Nevertheless I’ve heard enough of the finger pointing and so what if Waddell hasn’t voted recently. Last I checked very few people in Hays vote for anything! The board will need to address this issue and it is pretty evident who the community wants in that seat regardless of when the last time Waddell voted! He won his spot on the board and after hearing all my coworkers, neighbors and friends discuss this topic it is definite that the majority still wants him on the BOE! So what is the problem, accept the election results and make it official! I’m sure this issue will not arise in the future and all of us probably learned from this experience. He got on the ballot, he got elected, he was registered in Kansas, he’s registered in Hays… Enough said….make him a permanent fixture on the USD 489 BOE!

    • 489 Supporter

      I am in agreement. Enough is enough, he was voted in by Hays so make it official and let’s move forward!

  • Board

    It’s time to have the public school system overhauled. If you do not wish to support public schools, you shouldn’t have to pay property tax allocated toward this nonsense.

    • Really?

      If you don’t want to support public schools, you shouldn’t have to pay taxes toward them? What if I don’t think the streets need maintenance because I don’t drive, is it an option to not pay taxes for that? If I don’t think I’ll need law enforcement, fire dept, EMS, can I opt out of paying for that? Get real.

  • Uncle Thomas

    This could be tough for the BOE to vote Waddell in…with the current alliances. Yes it is time for the publice school system to be overhauled. The top three or four need to be asked to leave and new blood from another universe hired. Then we have directors or department heads or supervisors whatever they choose to call them who do not have the managerial skills to coordinate a school fun night. then we have some who dont show up till almost noon. some cut their work week early and start their work week late. then we have principals who hide from decision making. we may only have one or two principals who make decisions and they are ridiculed by the administration and board because they enforce the set rules…