Roberts: Farmers Need Affordable Crop Insurance

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Pat Roberts today introduced a bill to strengthen the federal crop insurance program, improving the critical safety-net for Senator Pat Robertsfarmers while also saving the taxpayer $5.2 billion over 10 years.

“In the last few years farmers and ranchers have been tested by prolonged drought, freezes and floods,” Roberts said. “Time after time, we are told by producers that crop insurance is the single most important program that helps them when disasters strike. As debate begins again on a five year farm bill, I have introduced this bill to ensure crop insurance is protected and improved while at the same time saving billions of taxpayer dollars and ensuring a safe and affordable food supply.”

More than two thirds of eligible acres in America are enrolled in the crop insurance program.

“There are still farmers who cannot afford to purchase crop insurance,” Roberts said. “Our bill seeks to create a program that is more affordable and offers producers additional protections in a way that does not distort planning decisions and is WTO compliant.”

Roberts’ bill reauthorizes the federal crop insurance program. It expands coverage options for producers through a Supplemental Coverage Option based on an area yield and loss basis.

It also amends the Federal Crop Insurance Act to make available separate enterprise units for irrigated and non-irrigated acreages of crops in counties.

The bill also addresses the declining Actual Production History (APH) yield problem by increasing the county transitional yield.

It sets budget limitations on future renegotiation of the Standard Reinsurance Agreement by requiring any savings realized in SRA renegotiations to return to Risk Management Agency (RMA) programs.

The legislation also continues the Stacked Income Protection Plan, known as STAX, for producers of upland cotton.

In order to help pay down the debt and reduce the deficit, the legislation is fully paid for by the elimination of direct payments saving taxpayers $5 billion over ten years according to a preliminary score by the Congressional Budget Office.

“After three years of serious drought, it is not because of an agriculture ad hoc disaster package that farmers are back on their feet,” Roberts said. “These farmers are able to put seeds in the ground again because they managed their risk and protected their operations through the purchase of crop insurance. This is the one component of the farm safety net that requires a producer to have skin in the game.”

This proposal is similar to S. 3240, the bipartisan Senate passed Farm Bill in the 112th Congress.

  • bluekansas

    pat america is still waiting on phase 2 of the iraq report that you were supposed to hand over to congress in 2003.

    Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS): Chairman of the Senate Cover-up Committee

    As chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Sen. Pat Roberts’s (R-KS) duty is “to provide vigilant legislative oversight over the intelligence activities of the United States” and “to assure that such activities are in conformity with the Constitution and laws of the United States.” But on the most important intelligence issues facing Americans – such as the manipulation of Iraq intelligence, warrantless domestic spying, and torture – Roberts has transformed his committee into a “Senate Coverup Committee” for the Bush administration.

    Warrantless Domestic Spying
    Iraq Intelligence
    Intelligence Leak Hypocrisy

  • bluekansas

    remember this pat the war built on lies!

    Report on the Iraq War: We’re facing $4 trillion in cumulative interest between now and 2053

  • bluekansas

    Birth Defects Plague Iraq, But Cause Unknown

    remember pat roberts helped bush pass these lies about the war in iraq

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    By SYDNEY LUPKIN (@slupkin)
    March 25, 2013

    The Iraq War may be over, but the casualties continue for Iraqi couples trying to have children without life-threatening birth defects.

    An apparent rise in Iraqi birth defects has left parents, doctors and researchers scrambling for answers – and wondering whether there’s a link between the war and babies born with deformities that often render them unable to survive until their first birthday.

    “They [parents] feel desperate,” Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, a reproductive toxicologist who used to work at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, told She traveled to Iraq’s Fallujah General Hospital in 2010 to research the birth defects and co-authored studies in 2010 and 2012. “One major problem we had was that there weren’t enough families who had normal children, and therefore we ended up with fewer normal family studies.”

  • Free Thinker

    I really don’t get why everyone in western Kansas spouts off at the mouth about the “takers” and then wants the government to cover their backsides in this situation. Bad weather seems like a market risk. It’s all entitlements until it’s your government money check that gets taken away…

  • mark

    We gotta get these farmers off the government dole. Dang Obama and all his entitlements!