OPINION: Bipartisan Betrayal Of America

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 6.06.32 AMBy Richard D Fry
More Lies on Amnesty 

I just watched Senators John McCain and Charles Schumer on Face the Nation. The host said it was a historical event to have the two Senators on at the same time and on the same side of the table.
The Host noted they were part of the bipartisan effort working on immigration reform (pushing “comprehensive immigration”#. This is like saying that Benedict Arnold and the British were part of a bipartisan effort to end the war in defense of our independence against England.

McCain has been a supporter of open borders and open immigration since before the great amnesty of 1986. The 1986 amnesty was promised to be the first and last blanket amnesty. Immigration law was to be toughened and enforced. It was toughened but was not enforced. This was the first lie told to the American people on amnesty.

From 1986 until 2000 there were six more amnesties. Since 2000 there have been numerous amnesties including “administrative” amnesties. This was the second series of lies told to the American people.
Sense 1986 we can hardly count the number of lies the Congress #GOPs and Democrats# have told the American people about immigration. There was the promises to secure the border. Recall the promise to build a security fence followed by the passage of a bill to do so without funding and then the funding of it which was subsequently defunded. Another lie told to the America public.

I remember standing in Harry Reid’s office talking to his head assistant on immigration. Her explanation of the defunding was that Senator Reid felt the money could be better spent elsewhere. Screw the promise made to the American people.

This is a reoccurring lies and is being told yet again. This morning John McCain told this lie yet again: “first we will secure the border”. No first you need to stop lying to the American people “Traitor” John.

You would do well to note that the amnesties and the lack of enforcement of immigration laws have occurred under both Republican and Democrat administrations. Just more proof that the elitist GOP leadership and the Progressive Democrats are simply different legs on the same pair of pants.

Recall that it was John McCain, Lindsey Graham , Teddy Kennedy and George Bush #43# that tried to engineer the great American give away with the Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2007. All are globalists.

Although over 70% of Americans did not want the amnesty Congress tried to cram it down our throats not unlike they did with Obama Care. John McCain and Lindsey Graham were calling we Americans opposed to amnesty “bigots” and “racist”. The citizen of this country only narrowly defeated the 2007 amnesty act. In fact it was a temporary victory because large parts of the Act were implemented piece meal in other acts.

Nancy Pelosi told a group of largely illegal aliens that they were the true “patriots” of America.

Unfortunately for her it was caught on video.
Teddy Kennedy was largely responsible for the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 signed by President Lyndon Johnson. In retrospect this bill was part of Johnson’s Great [New] Society program. One of its key components was the establishment of “chain immigration”. Under this concept those with family members already here get preference to immigrate. In reality it was a form of social engineering that would be used to balkanize America and as a transfer of wealth mechanism.
All nations rightfully use immigration to meet their national interests. Immigration until recently was not about the immigrates but about the host country and its labor and population needs. Congresswomen Barbara Jordan, chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform #1990-1997# “Jordan Commission” recognized this fundamental principle. She also recognized that if we cut of benefits and stop the job magnet we could regain control of illegal alien invasion. Of course the Progressive and elitist GOP already knew this and never had it in mind to implement.

The Progressives with the help of the GOP including those like McCain and Graham divorced immigration from the national interest and based it on principles of “social justice” and social engineering. Immigrates from less wealthy countries had a right to come here and get their “fair share”. It also helped to effectuate the Progressive /globalist belief that sovereign nations were a thing of the past i.e., borders are meaningless as is national identify.

By flooding America with immigrants without the means or ability to provide for themselves , a corner stone of all prior immigration policy, it facilitated a transfer of wealth in the form of welfare benefits to the aliens and public services including providing education and remittance by them #sending money to their home country# thereby economically straining America.

There has been more than a financial cost to allowing #facilitating# the invasion of illegal aliens in this country. Since September 11, 2001 there has been over 100,00 U.S. citizen and legal permanent residents that have been slaughter inside the U.S. by illegal aliens. That is equivalent to three 9-11 attacks per year. More U.S. citizens have dies than in all wars since the 19oos.
McCain and Graham and the rest of the gang-of-eight have blood on their hands.

Another lie that is told including by McCain this morning is that there are about 11 million illegals in this country. The Americana Legion in 2007 put the number at about 21.2 million. Now the number is closer to 30 million. That is almost 9% of our population. It was estimated that had the 2007 Act passed that through chain immigration within a decade we could have another 80 million immigrates. That is almost 25% of the population.
Yes indeed Obama and the rest of the globalist like McCain and Graham want to fundamentally transform this country and the world one illegal at a time.

Note : Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham were the architects behind the citizen detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 which gutted over half our Bill of Rights and declared American to be a “battle field”.

For more information see:
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MICHAEL T. McCAUL, Chairman #2006#
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