OPINION: Bipartisan Betrayal Of America Part 2

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 6.06.32 AMBy Richard D Fry
More Lies on Amnesty Part 2

Last night on Face the Nation Sen. Lindsey Graham said the AFL-CIO and Chamber of Commerce cut a deal which will pave the way for “immigration reform”. There was no discussion about what the people want. It is socialists and fascist that are driving the agreement.

Key Provisions

The key provisions of this latest scamnesty bill is simply a rehash of the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, which was also pushed by Graham, that America overwhelmingly rejected. A “path way to citizenship”, pay a fine, pay back taxes, learn English, go to the back of the line etc.

This is of course amnesty no matter how you cut it. Any of these illegals that have been living here any time at all have committed felonies in the form of perjury, use of fraudulent identification, tax evasion, or miss reporting income and welfare fraud. It is once again making a mockery of our laws and treating honest Americans as second class citizens.

Gov. Bill Richardson, one of the panelist, was quick to pipe up that he is a Hispanic and we need to be sure not to make any of this too onerous on the illegals nor should it take too long.

Cost of Illegal Immigration

Amnesty will increase illegal alien invasion of the U.S. as it has in the past. In 1986 we had 3.2 million illegals now we have 20-30 million.

Also the level of legal immigration will go up dramatically through chain migration as instituted by Teddy Kennedy and the Progressives. It was estimated that had the 2007 Amnesty Act passed that within a decade we could have had an additional 80 million immigrates through chain immigration. That would be almost 25% of the population.

The Progressives and GOP elitists like McCain and Graham divorced immigration from the national interest and based it on principles of “social justice” and social engineering. The plan is to overwhelm America economically and to dilute it culture.

It has also cost 100,000 citizens their lives at the hands of illegal aliens in this country since September 11, 2001.

Immigration and the Budget

It was interesting that Graham noted a linkage between immigration and the budget. The GOP elitist and the Progressive will try to make the American people [conservatives] believe that they had to give something up on immigration to get something on the budget. In reality they will both get exactly what they wanted in the first place.

The bottom line is that no quid pro quo between the budget and immigration is acceptable.

Baiting Fiscal Conservatives

The globalist gang is playing to the weak spot among the conservative coalition. That spot is those in the hardcore fiscal conservative camp who put fiscal matters above all else even Liberty and the Constitution.

We constitutional conservatives understand that taxing and spending is but a symptom. The root problem is that our elected officials no longer listen to us and don’t follow the Constitution. Following the founding principles will necessarily led to a limited and fiscally responsible government. The reverse is not true.

Many have been programmed to believe that a consumption tax (FAIR Tax) or a flat tax will solve all our problems, this is nonsense. NAZI Germany, Mao’s China, communist Russia all could have been operated on a consumption or flat tax. Such does not prevent deficit spending or limit the power of the government to borrow or print money.

Balance Budget and the Con Con

This is the same mistake those that grasp at the balanced budget amendment. Forty Nine states have balanced budget requirements and most of them are broke. Kansas is billions in the red in “off budget” liabilities. But fiscal conservatives willingly take this bait as well. This is the basis for the majority of the promotions behind a very dangerous Constitutional Convention.

The only reason this ploy was not used in the recent attempt by Secretary Kobach, Representatives Brett Hildabrand, Lance Kinzer, Keith Esau and Senator Mary Cook to request a federal Constitutional Convention is that Kansas already has a request for a balance budget federal constitutional amendment dated from the 1970s.

Adherence to the Constitution

There is no quick or easy fix to our problems and our problems are not fiscal they are political. Our public servants now work for the special interests that feed them including the corrupt political parties.

Recall the recent date rape and beating the GOP elitists gave the grass roots in Tampa followed by the vengeful attack by Speaker Boehner against Congressmen Tim Huelskamp (Kansas) and Justin Amash (Michigan), Walter Jones (North Carolina) and David Schweikert (Arizona). Their common sin was they all resisted the citizen detention provisions of the NDAA and they are all fiscal hawks

The GOP is planning another assault on the grass roots (conservatives) in its upcoming summer meeting. Watch the state and local GOP stand by and watch.

If we re-establish the Constitution that would necessarily mean an end to federal involvement in education, housing, business regulation, stealing of our private property ending the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System just to name a few.


We the People need to develop the testicular mass and ossification of our spines to make these politicians listen. It will not be easy nor will it be pleasant and likely it will be loud but it is the only way. They must be brought to heel or all is lost and we will be monkeys on their golden chains.

Richard D. Fry

Note : Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham were the architects behind the citizen detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 which gutted over half our Bill of Rights and declared American to be a “battle field”.

Marco Rubio is on e of the gang – of – eight.

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