School Board Candidate May Not Be Allowed to Serve

USD-489USD 489 School Board has a critical decision to make. What to do with Josh Waddell, a candidate elected to the board in last week’s election, who by law, was not qualified.

Ellis County Clerk Donna Maskus said she had contacted Waddell about registering to vote but, according to Maskus, Waddell did not register in Ellis County until last Friday. He had been registered elsewhere in Kansas.

Waddell received the second most votes in last week’s election. Lance Bickle and Danielle Robben were also elected to the board in Tuesday’s race for three seats.

Could the fourth place candidate be asked to serve? That would be long time board member Rich Kraemer. Kraemer told Hays Post, “State statute does not exactly suggest the board has to take the next candidate in line. It’s unfortunate and I feel bad for Josh. We will go into executive session tonight and discuss it. I don’t know what will happen.”

The board could work with only six members for a time and then appoint someone in July.

Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and check Hays Post for more information at it becomes available.

  • Voter

    If Waddell can’t even remember to register to vote, who wants him on the school board anyway???? Hilarious

    • hmmmm

      Hey smart guy do you know who Waddell even is? He is one of the most sincere, and intelligent men I have met. He would be a great asset to the school board, and he has kids in the school district, so he is going to do what is best for the district not for himself.


      • Doesn’t matter –

        Regardless of how sincere or intelligent he may be, he failed to comply with the necessary requirements to be a school board member. Crazy error even after he was apparently reminded! My personal opinion is you take the next highest vote getter and they take his slot. Hopefully he saved all those yard signs so he can use them the next time there’s a school board election.

  • However

    If someone can be so irresponsible as to overlook such a major step, I feel as though they couldn’t be the best asset. Though JMO does present a good point, as there are current board members who have so little faith in the system they represent that they send their children to private schools instead.

    • That’s why?

      Could it possibly be that the school board member you’re referencing sends his children to a private school is because they teach religion at the private school?

      • If thats so

        If that is so then he should be on the board at the private school.

        • This is why

          As he was elected to the USD 489 School Board, I take it the community of Hays wanted him on the Board. You don’t agree? Try running for the Board yourself…just be sure to be a registered voter here first!

    • Lou

      Schwartz is a TMP grad

      • Know your facts

        Schwartz graduated from Hays High School in 1991. Before you get on here and lie about people anonymously you should check your facts.

  • However

    No. However, out if respect for the person and the decisions of a family, I will not divulge further details.

  • Technicality v. Voters wishes

    Josh should have followed Donna Maskus’ advice, but I believe his intentions are sincere. It sounds like an honest mistake of a busy dad. They should allow him to serve. The voters chose him and he is willing to do this job few people are willing to do ( and for no pay!).

    • Really?

      Really, an honest mistake of not registering to vote, even with a reminder? How can any person who is running for an elected position forget to do this? Wouldn’t you put that as step #1? Just dawned on me, but he couldn’t have even voted for himself!

    • Know your facts

      Donna Maskus is trying to rewrite history on this. She screwed this up and told Josh he did not need to register. This was her first election since taking office and does not want to be embarrassed for not knowing or doing her job correctly. She should have checked this within three days of him filing and not after the election 10 weeks later. Josh has his responsibility for not knowing, but it is sad that Donna is not doing the right thing and owning up to her mistakes.

      • passin threw

        yet another example of how our liberal society wants to lay blame everywhere but on the person directly responsible

  • Tammy

    I agree with Technicality v. Voters wishes. It’s a non-paying job, with no doubt a lot of headaches and complaints, and Josh is willing to take it on. The public made their wishes clear with the vote.

  • passin threw

    so he obviously didn’t vote in the last elections or for that matter the last few since he’s lived here awhile…..glad to see it comes to light what an irresponsible fraud he is

  • Retired

    Isn’t it a bit odd he asked others to support ( vote) for him but he failed to vote for himself?

    • Ha!

      I hadn’t thought of that but yeah, you’re right that’s pretty darn ironic, isn’t it!?!?

  • Citizen

    Hopefully the board doesn’t appoint Rich Kraemer to the board. I think the voters made it clear they don’t want him on the board anymore.

    • Uncle Thomas

      But “Richie” is a “nice guy”.

  • good

    If you want positive change where needed in 489, Josh won’t back away from critical issues. He has always been a leader and one to possess not only charisma, but also the determination and integrity to follow through. His mother was great at reasoning as a board member (elsewhere) where I attended. Maybe since 489 seems committed to violating it’s own policies in Russell with it Head Start… I see this as a non-issue with the votes clearly choosing the victors. Oh and please get that program out of Russell – it’s already bad enough here.

    • Law

      It seems to me with everything you say he is, he’d have made it a priority to make sure he was legal to serve as a board member. Also, this is not a “non-issue” as you say. It called Kansas Law. Shall we just start applying laws only when we see fit?

  • Hays Citizen

    Sounds like their were many mistakes. If Waddell registered to vote with the Department of Motor Vehicles why didn’t DMV get that taken care of. If Donna Maskus knew he wasn’t registered why did she put him on the ballot? If Waddell wasn’t on the ballot I would have voted for Kathleen Fischer because I didn’t want Mr, Kraemer to be re-elected.

  • Justin

    There are apparently two sides of the story. I was informed that Waddell had registered but it did not get processed. Also, there is a discrepancy about whether or not he was informed by the county clerk or not. Definitely a mistake but it doesn’t make sense that Waddell would not register, why go through all the work? I want the full story before casting my opinion.

  • Confused

    I talked with a board member who had spoken with Josh and the county. I have to say that something just doesn’t add up. It appears as though Josh was under the impression he was a registered voter. Once it was discovered that there was an issue he was informed by the county clerk that it didn’t matter for school board elections. The county clerk did not do their job and now a mess is the result. After watching the forum and hearing what people had to say about Josh I don’t believe he chose not to register because he is so committed to serving. Definitely agree with “Justin” that there is more to the story! I do not believe that he ignored the voter registration and hopefully the complete story will come to light. I voted for Josh and nothing so far would change that.

  • 489 Supporter

    Some of these posts are ridiculous! Yeah, I’m sure Waddell just ignored the rules…give me a break! To anyone who has ever campaigned, it’s not easy and you don’t just do it for fun! Something is not being told accurate from the county clerk office! Waddell may have made a mistake but I doubt it was intentional and whether he had voted here or elsewhere what bearing does that have on his ability to serve on the BOE??? I say none! He will wear some egg on his face but it is not solely his mistake and I place more emphasis on the county clerk who apparently does not know how to do their job!!

  • Really????

    I would have to say this falls in the lap of Donna Maskus. If I was a hiring manager trying to find the best possible candidate, I would definetley make sure all the admin stuff was done correctly. Waddell probably had to go through several different hoops to apply for the school board didnt he??? Why was this one left out by Maskus or anyone else in that office??? And for her to comment that she called Waddell and reminded him….REALLY???? Is that accountability?? How about Mr. Waddell, you are not a registered voter and by law you will not be on the ballott for consideration of school board!!!! Come on Maskus, take at least partial fault on this deal, dont throw this gentleman all the way under the bus. I havent heard Waddell sling any mud at Maskus and blame her. Whether or not hes a registered voter, he basically won the election….99 votes behind Bickle….with that last name your guaranteed probably half the votes!! Did you see his poster??? You could barely see his first name, VOTE BICKLE in really big font, and little lance font at the bottom. I hope they decide to keep Josh Waddell on because he deserves it!! Dont let a little mix up in administration be the reason he doesnt get on. By the way, has Obama produced a birth certificate yet???

    • Know your facts

      I agree with your post, but there is no need to attack Lance Bickle here. He ran a good campaign.

    • fred

      ” By the way, has Obama produced a birth certificate yet” hahaha WOW Ignorance is alive and well.

  • Hays Resident

    can we take a mulligan and re-do it?

  • Really????

    Sorry, I like the hell out of Lance, I voted from him too!! Just making a point, didnt mean to rain on his parade, hes a good dude.