Hays Teen Sentenced Today UPDATE

Tre Carrasco

Tre Carrasco

Update 5:10 p.m.

With the plea deal that was agreed upon, Tre Carrasco was sentenced on Monday afternoon to serve 100 months in prison.

For Aggravated Battery – 56 months

For Aggravated Sexual Battery – 32 months

For Aggravated Battery – 12 months

These will be served consecutively.  He also gets credit for 622 days already served.

He will be in prison for an additional 80 months and could be released after 60 months for good behavior.

Carrasco was released to the Ellis Co. Sheriff’s Department and transferred to the State Dept of Corrections.



Eighteen year old Tre Carrasco will be sentenced in Ellis County District court today.

Last month Caarrasco  pleaded no contest to  1 count of sexual battery and 2 counts of aggravated battery of a 57-year old woman in Hays. The incident in the 2900 block of Country Lane happened almost 2 years ago.

Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees told Hays Post, “Under the terms of the plea agreement, Carrasco faces up to 100 months in prison.

District Judge Ed Bouker had ordered a presentence investigation. It was completed last week and the sentencing is this afternoon at 4 p.m.


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  • http://hasyspost RD

    He should be shot in the face with a bazooka!

  • Runner

    He’ll probably get 1 yr, counting time served, and a yr of probation… Be out of jail in time to enjoy a Whopper at Burger King for dinner!

  • Really

    This is a child who has a mother and brothers! He was actually a good kid who worked his butt off trying to help provide for his family! I’m not saying the crime committed was in any way justified but before u go around saying he needs shot remember other people get hurt by your words! Pray for him and his family and leave harsh comments out of it!

    • Runner

      Regardless of how he “worked his butt off and tried to provide for his family”, it takes a SICK twisted individual that age to sexually assault a 57 yr old woman. Instead of praying for this POS, pray for the woman he assaulted!!! I’m not saying blow his face off with a bazooka, I’m saying I hope he gets sexually assaulted in prison so he knows the helpless feeling! Really…maybe your tune would be different if it was YOUR mother/sister he attacked!!!

    • Dumb people

      Screw his family. He is a very messed up person n doesn’t deserve to have contact with anyone but his cell mate that’s gonna make him his b***h! He won’t make it! Lets pray he doesn’t cuz he is a waste of flesh!

    • frrrrrrunkis

      Why not pray for both of them.

      • Chris

        Pray to what? The god that allowed this to happen in the first place? If he is all-knowing, he would have known it would have happened.

        • Lou

          Chris, it is all part of god’s “plan”

        • Momma

          GOD didn’t allow this to happen! Sick things like this take place when people choose to follow Satan instead of GOD!!!

          • Chris

            LMFAO! “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
            Then he is not omnipotent.
            Is he able, but not willing?
            Then he is malevolent.
            Is he both able and willing?
            Then whence cometh evil?
            Is he neither able nor willing?
            Then why call him God?

        • Wow

          I think we will pray for you as well. Believe or not, God can do a miracle on you and open your eyes.

          • Chris

            Miracles? Is that what I should tell the Sandy Hook victims? The starving children in Africa? Or is that all in god’s plan? Months of drought? Then, by chance, there’s a day of rain? Thank god for the one day of rain, but not blame him for the months of drought, the withered crops, or the bankrupt farmers? Your god is not anything close to good.

    • Anon

      Maybe you should save your prayers for the woman he raped?

    • Not Really

      Defending this piece of crap that raped a woman? His mother is worthless as well for wasting taxpayer money going through 4 lawyers for her worthless son.

      • Sick of ignorant bigots

        To Not Really –
        You would do the same thing if it was your child. If you say you wouldn’t, you’re either not a parent or a liar. Or both.

  • Dumb people

    Send his ass back to Mexico. There is nothing good about that pos. he will become someone’s butt buddy in prison. Keep him there for life!!

  • frrrrrrunkis

    How bout he serves jail time equal to how long it takes me to pay off my student loans. It could be 5 years…it could be never. Who knows?!

  • Wow

    To Dumb people…… Obviously your name fits you very well!!! You don’t even know the kids race n your throwing racial things out in the open! MAYBE you should know what your talking bout before you open your mouth and make comments like the one above! He’s black dumbass!!!! And for the rest of you, you all should be ashamed of yourselves! You don’t know the details to this crime. Isn’t it funny how he got more time for the smaller charges then the actual BIG one of rape that your all going on and on about! Seems a little strange to me! But I guess you know it all people of hays know everything!

  • Reaper

    Anyone else notice that all of these kids committing these terrible crimes are Mexicans. Send all of them back to Mexico we have enough legal criminals in this country.

    • Sick of ignorant bigots

      His mother is Hispanic, his father is African-American. He was born in Kansas.

      Racism is alive and well in Hays, America.

    • Sick of ignorant bigots

      I must add that his mother is a beautiful, sweet lady who has always been a wonderful mom and had been devastated by this.

  • Evidence?

    Why is it that the county attorney pushes plea deals? Is it to save the taxpayers the expense of a trial or is it to hide something? When there is a plea deal, the evidence in the case is not usually made public. I’m not saying that this kid is innocent, but is the county attorney doing the plea deal to make sure he gets a conviction in a case that he knows he can’t win in court? The burden of proof in this country is supposed to be on the prosecution, but it increasingly seems that in Ellis County it has shifted to the accused to disprove the accusations. Maybe they do in fact have plenty of evidence. We’ll never know, yet the voters of this county will continue to elect the good ol’ boys who will make sure they cover each others’ backsides.

    • aaa

      County attorney did not prosecute 100-200 cases last year, deal on this one and get to do a few more cases

    • Wow

      It is Hays Kansas, every person affiliated with a law agency and the lawyers offices in Hays are all in cahoots. Its been that way for years. The better known you are, the better chance you never get in trouble. Money talks…..

  • Really

    You people are so arrogant first you say kill him them talk about sending him back to Mexico! This is where I can set back and laugh at you! N I do agree with praying for the victim but u have to understand his family is also victims in this! Keep your rude comments to yourself and get your facts right before you speak

  • Wow

    There has been bigger crimes committed in Hays why is the Hays Post making this case such a big deal!!! Was it really necessary to announce this over the radio this morning???!!!! Was it necessary to LIE to the defendant and tell him they needed a new mug shot when really it was for the HAYS POST to post it on there website to feed viewers like you a high profile case! Pretty sad when you people don’t even know the real situation of this case and your saying horriable things his family can see!

    • Wow

      Judge and you shall be judged. One day they will also have to walk in these shoes.

  • hmmmm

    I have known Trey since he was a young kid. This kid was a very good kid, and yes did his best to help take care of his family, which was not the best situation for any kid. What he has done is inexcusable, amd he needs to pay the price. But to make ignorant comments about him needing shot or making comments about is family is just that ignorant. In no way am I sticky up for what he has done, but people need to refrain from talking trash on his family, and refrain from wishes for him to be shot. I pray for his family I pray for the victim, and I pray for Trey that he learns his lesson, and can come out of prison reformed.


  • 100 months = 8.33years???

    What does he have to 1/3 then he has a chance at parole? I don’t understand why he was not prosecuted. Why give him a break at all or at least leave the decision of a break up to the citizens at a trail. Think about all the time, work, and money that went into solving this crime and getting the criminal to court, just to give him a break? Some people in this town were alittle apprehensive while the police worked on this. I don’t know if it right/fair to just make another deal. Seems to me this county gives A LOT of breaks.

  • Evidence?

    This is Kansas, not California. The minimum that he will have to serve is 85% of his sentence. You could have found this out had you bothered to research it. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t play a lawyer on TV, and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express. But I have a search engine. Chances are that you have one, too. You should use it before making ignorant comments like that.

    • 100 months = 8.33years???

      Forgive me for using rule of thumb. I was off by a year oh…wait unless they give him time served… they did! That is why they call it rule of thumb Mr. Know it all. The time does not fit the crime. Funny you didn’t mention that… 85÷12=7.083333 years.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Let it go…he committed a crime, the sentence is what it has been plead.
    It would be interesting to know how many cases are in the county attorneys hands and how many he has actually tried…1%, 2%? Instead we hear about how crowded the court house is…not once have i seen a line outside the court house doors.

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