Former TMP-Marian Student is SALB President at KU

Former TMP-Marian student Elizabeth Rupp,

 Elizabeth Rupp, Student Alumni Leadership Board president

Elizabeth Rupp, Student Alumni Leadership Board president

a sophomore from Hays, is the the 2013 SALB president at the University of Kansas and is featured on the alumni association web site.

Student Alumni Leadership Board (SALB) members serve as the official student representatives and volunteers of the KU Alumni Association. Members also facilitate spirit functions, serve as campus ambassadors and organize community service projects. SALB is governed by eight executive board members, who have the opportunity to interact with some of the best student leaders, campus officials and alumni.

The SALB web site features this interview with Rupp. A portion is show here with permission of the Alumni Association.

What’s your favorite KU tradition or KU memory?

I don’t know if I could pick a favorite tradition or memory because I love them all! When I look back though, the thing I remember most is the camaraderie between KU students, alumni, and fans. I’m not a legacy of KU so I didn’t grow up with a strong connection to the Jayhawks. To me, it’s amazing to see that bond between fellow Jayhawks. I love going out of town wearing a KU T-shirt or jacket and getting a “Rock Chalk” from complete strangers; because of where we went to school, we have an immediate connection.

What do you think is KU’s best kept secret?

I think this ties back into KU’s traditions. Until students are part of the KU family and get to experience campus, as well basketball and football games as a student, there is no way to imagine the immediate bond you grow with your fellow Jayhawks. Whether you’re waving the wheat at a football game or singing “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” at the end of a basketball game, you feel the connection with fellow students, alumni and fans. Since I didn’t grow up with those KU traditions, I feel that I treasure those experiences more now that I get to experience them first hand as a student.

How did you become involved with SAA and SALB?

I first found out about Student Alumni Leadership Board (SALB) and the Student Alumni Association (SAA) the summer before my freshman year when I attended a Jayhawk Generations Picnic. I met both alumni and KU Alumni Association staff who explained what SAA was and the benefits it offered. I was excited by the networking opportunities so I signed up right at the event. I also talked to an SALB member who told me about all of the additional benefits and leadership opportunities that SALB offered. After hearing from that student and some of the alumni I decided to apply for SALB and was accepted onto the board. I am so thankful for those that encouraged me to apply to SALB, because not only are the leadership experiences wonderful, but the opportunities I’ve had are one of a kind.

What made you decide to attend KU?

When I visited KU as a senior in high school, it was my first time in Lawrence. From the moment I stepped on campus, KU felt like home and a place where I could spend the next part of my life. I chose KU for a number of reasons, but most importantly because KU offers academic excellence in many areas. I also loved that I could be a part of KU’s rich history and long standing traditions. Whenever I heard a KU student or alumni speak I could tell how proud they were to be a Jayhawk, and I wanted to experience that pride too!

  • Megan H

    Congratulations Elizabeth – so proud of you!!