What works for Reno County is Good for Ellis County?

Ellis County Court House
Reno County voters are ready to pay higher taxes for a new jail and improvements for other county offices.

Voters on Tuesday approved a half-cent increase in the Reno county sales tax to pay for a new 250-bed jail. Unofficial results showed the issued passed by a margin of 77.4 percent to 22.6 percent.   Will Ellis County voters make a similar choice next month?

Ellis County Sheriff Ed Harbin told Hays Post, “I am glad Reno County passed their jail expansion. I hope we have the same conclusion with our Public Safety issues here in Ellis County.”

Voters here decide May 14 whether to approve a half-percent sales tax to repair and expand the Ellis County jail, courthouse and law enforcement building.

Revenue from the tax would also fund a new EMS-rural firefighting building.
The tax would not be new. A half-percent sales tax for construction of the sports complex expired at the end of March.
Current estimates show the projects funded by the tax would cost between $12 million and $13 million.  You can watch Sheriff Harbin discuss the needs of his department on the Eagle Community Television Forum on Saturday and Sunday. The program is broadcast at 6 and 10 p.m. following the Local News on Channel 14 and 614.

  • Uncle Thomas

    “The tax would not be new.” I believe a more accurate statement would be the tax would be a continuation of an existing tax which is scheduled to end. If we are lead to believe it will not be new then why were we not told when it started it would be a permanent tax with “new purposes” every couple of years. These taxes are always sold to the public as temporary, consumers outside the county will share in the expense,…then they never end, they never go away and they are added to with a new crisis for funds. Let us think of a new buzz word…we will “repurpose” the monies. No the school district wants to claim that word.
    I dont mind new it is the smoke and mirrors that is foolish.

  • Hays

    The sales tax will allow people visiting Ellis County to help fund the public buildings. If the sales tax is not approved, the public buildings will be funded some other way. Probably primarily from the county residents through a property tax increase.

    • http://hayspost.com ???

      I like the idea of letting the people who actually use the services pay for the services. The Fire and EMS station will primarily serve the people between Yocemento and Toulon including the City of Hays……….same with the jail…….let those people pay for these things with there property taxes.
      Ellis and Victoria already have EMS stations and County Fire Departments. Interestingly enought the Company 5 department located in Hays is nicer than the Company 6 one located in Ellis.

      • Hays

        People visiting Hays use the county jail and EMS service.

  • http://hayspost.com ???

    According the Sherriff Harbin in 1980 when he was a jailer there was one person in the jail now less than 30 years later it is overfull. What has happened….can anybody explain that? The population of Ellis County is just under 5000 more than in 1980.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Let’s blame it on television…or the school system…or the price of rice in China. Heaven forbid we accept the responsibility ourselves and say we have less family values and a childs home life has all but eroded! We all have rights, but no responsibility!