Gun Bills Approved and Sent to Governor

gunKansas legislators have sent Gov. Sam Brownback bills that would let people carry concealed firearms into more public buildings and prevent federal agents from confiscating weapons made in the state.

The bills received large majorities Friday as legislators adjourned to begin a monthlong break.

One measure would allow concealed weapons to be carried into public buildings that lack adequate security measures defined by the bill. It also would allow schools and colleges to arm employees.

The other bill declares that the federal government has no power to regulate guns, ammunition and accessories that are made, sold and kept exclusively in Kansas. The bill would make it a felony for a federal agent to enforce restrictions on such items.

Supporters say the bill is constitutional because the items wouldn’t leave Kansas.

  • Lance Sauer

    hurray hopefully this will bring gun manufactures to Kansas since they will be leaving other states that have restricted the right of self defense. berretta is leaving CT, lets bring them to kansas

  • Lauren

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I love this state!! :-)

    • Lance Sauer

      more brother moved to CO 3 years ago. He is kicking himself right now