Roberts: Americans have Quit looking for Work

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Pat Roberts today released the following statement on the March jobs report which shows the economy added a mere 88,000 jobs and the labor participation rate has fallen to the lowest depths since 1979, the last year of Jimmy Carter’s presidency:

Pat Roberts“Unfortunately, we will continue to see disappointing jobs numbers until we finally address the root cause of the recession that hit our economy over four years ago. What is also worth noting is that people have simply given up looking for work at all.

“Crippling and misplaced regulations like Dodd-Frank have impeded our economic growth and added to uncertainty. After Obamacare, health care remains a huge expense to businesses and families taking money and jobs out of our economy. Our reliance on foreign oil and inability to develop a comprehensive domestic energy strategy is holding all sectors of the economy back. Finally, the lack of leadership from the White House on basic functions of government like a budget or addressing out of control government spending keeps businesses and consumers on the sidelines waiting for stability.

“Americans are concerned for their future, they are afraid for their retirement, afraid for their children and their ability to have opportunities and security. Many Americans have given up looking for work, and that is the reason for the numbers today. The next few months will show us more of the same unless we act.”

Senator Roberts has introduced legislation to eliminate regulations that damage the economy. He supports the development of the Keystone Pipeline and drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and other energy solutions. He supports the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and supports a Balanced Budget Amendment.




  • Beth

    Pat knows a lot about private industry and jobs – he’s worked for the federal government his entire adult life.

  • dan

    Where are the jobs, Senator! Our corporations are making record profits, so where are the jobs? In CHINA, that’s where!

    • passin threw

      better get your visa dan, since there are no jobs and midwest energy is treating you unfairly maybe you should run over and get one of those jobs. btw mike from midwest energy’s answer was a real kick in the pants to your whiney attitude

      • dan

        Not sure how you inferred that, but more power to you. It’s *THROUGH, btw.

        • passin threw

          um dan, it’s threw…..can’t you read?

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    The current administration’s policies of extending unemployment benefits & transferring people to disability that are otherwise able to work offers little incentive to go out and get a job. Why work when you can get paid not to? It word be more beneficial to foster an environment that is conducive to finding gainful employment.


      Do you know anyone that has transferred from unemployment to disability?or is that just a fox talking point

      • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

        As a matter of fact I am ashamed to admit that I am related to one. We all have family members that we are not proud of.

  • Rob

    I agree with Arthur, Why work when people are getting everything handed to them.


    Pat needs to get a real job, because he’s not doing his job for the average midddle class american red blooded worker, instead of taking cear of the 2% un americans “job creators”

  • Jr.

    Actually, work for the people, not the major political contributors.

  • Uncle Thomas

    He is a politician


      he’s a horse a$$