KFIX Rock News: Rolling Stones Team With Crystal Head Vodka

crystal 1To mark the band’s 50th anniversary, The Rolling Stones have teamed up with Crystal Head Vodka to create an exclusive, limited edition Gift Set.

Crystal Head Vodka is quadruple distilled and filtered seven times. Three of the filtrations are through semi-precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.

founder Dan Aykroyd, former Saturday Night Live star and Blues Brother, said, “It is a huge honor and recognition of our high quality product to have Crystal Head designated as the officially authorized vodka for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Worldwide celebration,”

“Together with Bravado, the band’s licensing company, we have created the ultimate gift package for Stones fans and their families.”

“There has never been a greater Father’s Day gift, Halloween decoration or Christmas present. Next month we will release exclusive photos and information about packaging, pricing and special premiums included.”

The gift set includes:

1. Stunning handcrafted display case featuring a real zipper—recalling the legendary Sticky Fingers album cover

2. 2-CD compilation of live Rolling Stones hits—not available for sale anywhere else on the planet

3. Crystal bottle decanter top—engraved with The Rolling Stones iconic lip-and-tongue logo

4. Bottle tattoo—featuring the 50th anniversary logo

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